Meanwhile, Outside Leinster House


This afternoon.

Outside Leinster House.

Supporters of Independent Senator Frances Black’s Occupied Territories Bill 2018 – which is due to be voted on in the Seanad at 2.45pm today – gather.

The proposed legislation would prohibit trade with settlements in occupied territories.

The Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018 does not mention Israel and the Palestinian territories but will make it an offence “for a person to import or attempt to import settlement goods”.

The 10-page bill can be read here

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Pics: Aaron McAllorum, Catherine Murphy and Social Democrats

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14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Outside Leinster House

  1. baz

    why outside? all the virtue signaling politicians standing with the Palestinians have a voice inside

    call it what it is – a photo op for Irish media lefties that never ask hard questions of the Palestinians

      1. Andrew

        What has bravery got to do with it? Engage with the point.
        France Black’s bill will not do anything to bring a peaceful settlement to that region. It will do the opposite and will probably cause more lives to be lost as a result.
        Hamas realise that what they are doing is getting results so will be willing to sacrifice more ‘heroes’ to their cause. That, and their is money in it too.
        Hamas are not interested in a two state solution and therefore not interested in peace. You should ask yourself what their aim is. They’ve stated it enough times.
        Like so many failed ‘aid’ programmes around the world the money raised actually prolongs misery and death and people like Frances are the useful that enable it.

        1. bisted

          …do keep up…Netanyahu and the zionist regime have long abandoned the pretence of a two state solution…only a return to a secular Palestine will ever bring peace…

          1. Andrew

            ‘zionist regime’ You mean democratically elected government of Israel. A secular Palestine? You’re joking right? A theocracy is more likely.
            Do keep up

          2. terry

            Yes a gay hating world
            No same sex anything but lynching’s
            The hypocrisy oozes from bisted

      2. terry

        I just wonder why these Palestinians evaded the check points?
        And apparently to put things in prospective 4 out of 10 Irish motorists were stopped at garda check ‘points in 2016 according to published data from the garda
        So 570 checkpoints by security in a year on the west bank works out at just under 2 a day

  2. shitferbrains

    It’s only possible to come up with the figure of 40% of the WB if you include Area ” C ” which the Palestinians signed up to in the Oslo Accords. The actual area of urban settlement is about 3% most of which is within sight of Jerusalem and which was agreed by the Palestinians to remain in place in exchange for land swops – meaning Arab areas of Northern Israel – during talks. Talks which, by the way , faltered on the subject of the Right of Return and not settlements.

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    There’s a big pro-Israel (well, around 30 people) counter-protest outside now.

  4. Not on your Nelly Too

    Israel is a perfect place and it’s government does nothing wrong. Move along now please.

    1. terry

      Here we go the supporters of Hamas who murder and physically attack anyone from the LGBT community in Gaza and the west bank Supported by members of the LGBT community simply because they hate Jews
      Maybe Norris needs to tell us why he supports those that hate gays and murder them in their land
      Such hypocrisy the stench is rather overpowering
      And this is what they want a Palestinian state where gays will be purged

        1. terry

          Israel is not perfect
          As we are not perfect
          The difference is that Israel has been at war since its conception

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