Repeal The Tweet




FG Senator deletes tweet claiming Meghan Markle approved of abortion vote (Irish Times)


But what about PROTOCOL?

Why am I shouting?

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28 thoughts on “Repeal The Tweet

  1. baz

    amazing how so stupid can get so far, then again, its on the taxpayers back isn’t it Noone?

    the electorate rejected Noone and Kenny dumped her on us with the gift of a Senate seat

  2. Starina

    oops. Markle’s not supposed to express any political leanings publicly, I assume Senator Noone was asked to delete the tweet by somebody in the palace.

      1. baz

        no, but its good to see No-one getting called out for lying – feelings and thoughts do not equal reality and MM did not say state the remarks attributed originally , ergo the climb down from No-one

        1. Frilly Keane

          Well Senator Noone is Leo’s running mate
          For now

          So I’d say she’s obliged to tow the line

          1. Bonkers

            Frilly, Leos running mate has been selected and its Austin Curries daughter Emer, twas just announced in my local freesheet a couple of days back. Plus Leo sent a letter in my door to say he is building four zebra crossings outside the local school, he is one busy man and I look forward to seeing him in his navvy gear shortly

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        Both of those things.

        She’s still learning, which is not an excuse her husband can claim, and he’s always putting his foot in it and getting political.

  3. Doc

    her and una mullaly had pics up saying they met her and discussed repeal. why? why discuss repeal? its over, we won a basic human right. why go on about it so proudly, when most other civilised (and not) already have it. endlessly patting ourselves on the back to other countries for doing something basic.

    1. Starina

      because we fought really hard for it and we’re perfectly entitled to be proud of that.

      1. Rob_G

        I’m very pleased that it was repealed as well, but if I was being introduced to someone at a function, I tend to limit my chat to things like the weather and how their trip over was, etc…

        1. ReproBertie

          Maybe she brought it up. Maybe she was told Una was very active in the Repeal movement. Maybe she was following the story and recognised Una’s name.

      2. Frilly Keane

        But job done (ish)
        Still more to do etc

        And d’ya know what?
        It’s not the only thing,
        Repealing the 8th,
        We are capable of doing and tbh
        If that’s all people want to think about or have themselves remembered for
        It’s going to be as pretty short read of accomplishments

        We’re nowhere near full equality and inherent acceptance in this Country
        Intolerance and Institutional forebearance is still a very strong current we are swimming against
        And still getting nowhere

        If Una and Co want to keep celebrating and congratulating themselves with this particular landmark, then it just shows them to be single track and with no real game for the long haul to turn this County into the Republic our Grandparents were promised


        Or maybe they have nothing else to say about themselves and are struggling for satisfy their lust for positive attention. Which is very sad and probably short changes their readers and followers

        But that’s all their problems
        Not mine

        1. Rob_G

          Cool story, bro.

          “… to turn this County into the Republic our Grandparents were promised”

          – I thought that the entire point of the recent referenda was to move away from the Dev and dancing at the crossroads and all that.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Proclamation was 1916
            Which I hold to be the promise of A Republic

            That dancing maidens and crossroads carry-on was nearly 30 years later

      3. Sentient Won

        Still no ratification.

        And no news on that court case either; The one where Leo and Simon and others are accused of deliberately abandoning their duty to protect the constitution so they could push the for-profit-baby-killing-machine.

        Why the silence?

        Lie, cheat and steal: It’s the one real move Liberal sheet-heads have.

        Repeal or no repeal Abortion is still murder.

    1. king alatriste

      I called the Irish times newsdesk. they said they weren’t aware that Mullaly was at the reception. I pointed out that she was.

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