16 thoughts on “Deflect Marketing

    1. Martco

      ah defo no!
      actually you should be able to get decent discount by simply asking the sales rep nicely (yes even online via chat applet if they have one, or even via email)

      amazes me how few do it, should be asking all the time! another example of our cultural dna tendency to compliant I reckon

      some targets to set yourself next time you’re buying:
      electrical items like tellys, white goods 15%
      clothing 10%
      building materials 20% (especially tiles & external stone paving etc)
      power tools 15%

      usually I’ll have a go at anything….main thing is just ask

      PS Bodger is the app server broken at moment? keep getting that old cant post at the moment error

        1. martco

          defo Clampers, give it a go

          I succeed more often than not, always a very good chance in a traditional shop scenario. just ask. ceramic tiles are a great one to get u into the swing – normally they’re sold @400% markup – yes you read that correctly…so even when tilecity ltd or whomever are on a halfprice campaign they’re still @200% markup…you’d be silly to ever ever pay full price for any form of tiles/grout/adhesive

          actually even today I swung a markdown on a new laptop…well known manufacturer with a chat support applet on the website…they had an offer campaign on certain models but not on the one I was after…so I opened up a sales chat, explained what I was after (not failing to mention similar laptop from rival, hinted was a pity no offer on for particular model) and bingo the rep opened up a discount code field on my cart checkout, gave me a code, -15%, nice deal!

  1. Spud

    I just find it odd, and somewhat upsetting, they used a clockface image used isn’t set at the ubiquitous ’10 to 2′.

    But hey, that’s just me…

    1. Cian

      But it’s got three hands – when there is a second hand it is usually shown as above – with the hour, minute, and second hand equidistant. The exact time is irreverent.

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