It’s Druncker He’s Getting


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Following his filthy display of ‘continental charm’ at the Aras…

Jean Claude ‘On the juice’ Juncker, perpetually partying President of the European Commission, continues his ‘lost weekend’.

On our dime.


Jean-Claude Juncker seen stumbling and in wheelchair at Nato event (

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52 thoughts on “It’s Druncker He’s Getting

  1. Andrew

    If he’s ill he should resign his position.
    If he was drunk he should resign his position.
    Our media should be reporting this but have largely ignored it until now. This happened Wednesday.
    Who is he accountable to?

    1. The old Boy

      The official explanation is recurring chronic pain and balance problems resulting from a near-fatal motor accident in the 80s. If that is the case, chronic pain isn’t cause for resignation.

      If, on the other hand, he’s just a champion p**s-artist who has finally let himself down on the public stage, the situation may be somewhat different.

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        Didn’t stop our own champion piss artist Brian Cowen from clinging on for as long as possible by his grubby fingertips.

      2. CoderNerd

        “Pain and balance problems”
        And Cowen’s got “congestion” problems. Everyone knows that!

        The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, was bitch slapping EU leaders, calling Hungarian PM ‘dictator’ in front of the press at the EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia.

        1. Bernie

          He looks high maintenance for his minders, to be fair. Bit of a liability and what’s with all the touching people?

          He’d be referred to as a bit of a bollox, in may parts, with that carry on.

    1. martco


      & how convenient that a big swing being made out of all this just at the very minute Trump is in town busily doing his destabilising.

      whatever Junker’s story its a classic hits misdirection attempt. I hope the hundred thousand odd out on the streets today protesting turns into a million.

      will be interesting to see how the Queen handles him. my money is she tells the dangerous fupp to go fupp himself.

        1. martco

          apparently they are capable of delivering a fair oul nip

          latest on orange boy…claiming now the Sun interview is fake news…he’s mentally ill

      1. Sentient Won

        London anti-Trump protest is hundreds. Not thousands. Hundreds.

        There were more people at the Free Tommy Robinson march.

        1. mildred st meadowlark

          Reporting live from the scene is our very own Sentient Won.

          What’s the latest SW?

          1. mildred st meadowlark

            That’s hardly news! I thought they were petitioning to have it renamed Libtard Lane…

            It’s probably not PC enough though.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        If he has alcohol problems as speculated that is an illness and I feel for the man
        if not I still feel for the man as the speculation can’t be pleasant

        1. Andrew

          I disagree on what you define as an illness, but then lots of people do.
          I have close, personal; experience of people who used the ‘illness’ tag to excuse their self indulgent behaviour. Behaviour that has huge effects on everyone around them.

          1. Jesús, María, and Josépha

            Agreed. Look at the number of old codgers hogging hospital beds citing illness when there is nothing wrong with them. It’s a social event for them. Totally selfish.

            But, alcoholism is a mental and physical disorder. It’s a compulsive disorder or addiction if you like. Not saying that is the issue there.

  2. Dhaughton99

    He claims that he has sciatica but he is known as ‘Juncker the drunker’ in certain countries.

  3. Bernie

    Winston Churchill was a ‘high-functioning’ alcoholic, apparently and was often drunk giving his orations. One of many English PM simpletons that should have been impeached.

        1. mildred st meadowlark

          I’m not sure why, but in my head, I had him pegged as a Scotch sort of man.

          On a tangential note, I really enjoyed John Lithgow’s portrayal of him in the Crown

          1. Bernie

            Mildred, he probably wasn’t choosey, white spirits when the drinks cabinet was empty…

          1. bisted

            …in fairness, Churchill knew how to deal with the yanks…like the journaist who accused him of being drunk…his reply…’Yes Madam, and you are ugly…tomorrow I’ll be sober’…

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I never did and I worked in a pub for well over 20 years. Gas. Brandy babycham was the drink way back when. Rocket fuel. Do they even sell Babycham anymore?

          3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            I’m starting to see a trend between previous bar trade and a certain bent of mind
            am I right Brother B ..?
            ( including myself in that observation)

          4. Bernie

            I admire anyone what can dole out quick-fire quips but an old soak belongs in the bar or in their cot – not at the helm, steering a country through war.

          5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Generally people who work in bars can wang about any aul sh*te with anyone: it’s a great leveller, I think, and a great way to learn how to read and interact with people.

  4. donald

    I think Yeltsin suffered from the same complaint
    Infact he makes Boris look like a pioneer

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’ve admired the man’s work standing up to the Brits over Brexit. If he has an illness that causes him to behave so undignified as this, I believe he needs a further medical to continue in office. I understand how public office works. If there is an alcohol misuse – issue a warning – if there is an alcohol physical dependancy, then junker-exit. They are two very different afflictions.

    It’s quite true that Winston Churchill over-used / abused alcohol for most of his time in office. It’s also true of Cowen. Thatcher was also an evening liqour-drinker. But if they were sipping brandy on an evening working on papers, fair enough, but the decisions they made for their country the next morning were garbled, fraught, incisive and haphazard – as we know too well. Hence, a drinker in high office is not a good idea. Cowen’s civil servants spoke privately about his drinking months before the infamous radio interview. I have no doubt that tee-totalism will become a requirement for high office.

    1. CoderNerd

      Hitler was tee total.
      Although in fairness, he was also a drug addict by the end of the war.

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