Mark Ups & Spencer


This afternoon.

Vinny writes

Under pressure to get a shirt today so headed to M&S in Jervis Street [Dublin 1]. Paid a painful €68 for one (that’ll teach me to leave everything to the last minute).

But remove the sticker and see that I can get 2 of them for £60!

More than double the price ( says €68 is £60 today).

Surely this is the next level of extracting the urine with mark ups??

I do like the shirt though…

31 thoughts on “Mark Ups & Spencer

  1. Martco

    bring it back get a refund & go shopping again

    they’ll prob even give u the discount if u ask nicely

  2. Jake38

    That’s the Irish personal liability insurance markup. The shirt might fall on you and you could have a claim for €246,000.

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    M&S have been complete dicks about this for ages. I’ve brought it up many times with staff in Grafton St but get fobbed off and told to email HQ about it.
    The dine in for 2 meal is a tenner in the UK. €14 here. It annoys me so much I don’t really shop there any more.
    They’ve made a fortune here for years and make no effort to even the playing field. No wonder the company is in dire straits. Serves ’em right.
    Yours bitterly,
    Former M&S Stalwart.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Glenilen do it too! Dunno if it’s any good, but their stuff is generally lovely.

        1. mildred st meadowlark

          It is gorgeous. I’d even go so far as to say nicer than the m&s stuff

      2. Beanz

        You can buy the clotted cream (and for me the frozen Bwitish Baby Broad Beans) but not buy anything else…

    1. Brother Barnabas

      so are you saying ‘fact#34: partial to percy pigs’ needs a fat black line through it?

  4. Paulus

    To be fair M&S are better at refunds/exchanges than many others.
    So yes, go back to them – If you have the neck and are confident that you can collar one elsewhere in time.
    Sorry for these off-the-cuff remarks.

  5. Jesús, María, and Josépha

    Kinda hangin’ yourself with Da Laydeez admitting you shop in M&S in the first place – for clothes.

    Sure, isn’t there a Louis Copeland nearby…

    1. Vinny

      And here I was thinking the M&S extra slim fit would be perfect for accentuating the oul potbelly. My most attractive feature. Back to the drawing board.

        1. Vinny

          Good thinking, but I’m barred from Mothercare. Can’t go into details but suffice to say, me asking all those potbellied women to compare their potbellies to mine didn’t seem to go down too well.

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    There’s Dunnes, H&M, Penneys, TK Maxx, Next all within shouting distance of M&S Jervis. Get your refund, explaining why and then get better value elsewhere!

    I only ever buy in M&S when there’s a sale, or I’m in the food dept and it’s yellow sticker time.

    1. Vinny

      The formal shirts in Penney’s and H&M are gick. Dunnes didn’t have my size. I didn’t have the time or patience to shop in the mind melt that is TKMaxx. Is there a Next menswear in Jervis?? Have to agree on the yellow stickers though – recently came across a chocolate Sundae with a yellow sticker on it. Once in a lifetime type stuff.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Fair enough, you’ve done your research! I happen across yellow sticker cheese scones from time to time… Toasted, bitta butther… heaven.

  7. george

    There website has shirts from €26 same price in store. Online they’re discounted as cheap as €10 don’t know if this is also on offer in store. He chose the second most expensive shirt they sell.

    1. Vinny

      The €26 shirt you refer to is actually on sale online (reduced from €68). There were none at this price in the store. The cheapest shirt in the store was €34.

      Anyway, what am I even arguing about! Who cares if I bought the second most expensive shirt in the place? I don’t mind paying good money for a shirt that fits well, isn’t transparent, doesn’t feel like a plastic bag, won’t have me sweating profusely and will last me more than a few wears. My point is that the price here in ROI is double that in the UK. I’ll shop elsewhere in future.

  8. mildred st meadowlark

    I might be a bit late to the party, but Debenhams are great for well made, decently priced shirts. They also do decent sizing, or so I’ve found.

    Hope this is some help to you.

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        That’s because they like to bamboozle you with cosmetics and fragrance, and frankly it’s a challenge to get as far as the first floor.

    1. Jesús, María, and Josépha

      it’s the least we can do before the Germans (Aldi, Lidl) take over again. A very badly run business. You’re not doing corner shops now, Mrs. May.

      Where did it all go wrong for M&S?

      Seven reasons why Marks & Spencer is in trouble

      M&S fashion is one big faux pas. Go to Zara. And online.

      Stores will be gone soon.

  9. Dhaughton99

    I was told to leave Jervis St M&S last Sunday when collecting 3 shirts because I carried the dog upstairs with me. Good quality and great fitting shirts.

  10. Skeptik

    Can’t beat M&S non iron shirts. For when you require formality but don’t need to impress, such as at work..

    Order on their UK website and get it delivered to Parcelmotel. Saves a packet.

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