‘A Single National Utility’


Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy

Sarah Bardon, in The Irish Times, reports:

Irish Water is to be separated from Ervia and established as a single national utility to operate the State’s water services.

The proposals, which were presented to Cabinet by Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy last Thursday for approval, will come into effect by 2023, The Irish Times has learned.

It is understood the plans, approved by Cabinet, will allow for Irish Water to become solely responsible for the production, distribution and monitoring of drinking water and for the provision of public waste-water services.

Currently the utility has service level agreements (SLAs) with local authorities to operate such services on its behalf, but under these new proposals such arrangements would be brought to an end by 2021.

Irish Water to become single national utility (The Irish Times)

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12 thoughts on “‘A Single National Utility’

    1. SOQ

      Nope looks more like nationalisation to me. Ervia is the parent company of Gas Networks Ireland which is what remained after the gas was sold off.

  1. Ron

    First centralise it and then sell it to the cheapest bidder. Time to drain the swamp in Dail Eireann. Irish people will sit back do nothing and continue to eat their 99’s.. hey not my problem. pathetic

  2. Baffled

    Given that our water infrastructure needs €18bn of capital expenditures to bring it up to scratch, what makes so many people think that private companies would be willing to put themselves on the hook for that spend by seeking the privatisation of Irish Water?

    1. Joxer

      a private company will buy IW… promise amazing things, fix the leaks, maintain stable fresh water to all regions, cheaper pricing etc. Then a year or two down the line private company says “oh we dont have the money to fix all the leaks so have to increase tariff and lower free allocation”…. then will go to govt and ask for a handout to carry out the work. And once the system is brought up to an acceptable state (funded entirely by the citizens via direct charges or from exchequer) they flip it on to some other outfit at a vast profit.

  3. SOQ

    Pretty sure Irish Water is going in the right direction but could someone take the entire HR department and shoot them please? As employment specialists go, they’d make good hairdressers.

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