How Would You Talk To Joe?


Phoning It In.

A podcast (available every Monday on the Headstuff Podcast Network) poking a long overdue funny bone at Joe Duffy’s Liveline, The Adrian Kennedy Phoneshow and its ilk.

Created by Dave Coffey ((Dan & Becs, Sarah + Steve) and featuring a weekly panel of Ireland’s rising comedy, improv and acting stars.

And it’s completely improvised.

Dave writes:

When I introduce my guests, they have no idea what they’re about to complain about, so they have to be really quick on their feet….

Phoning It In’ and other online comedy podcasts are providing an important space for homegrowen hilarity, says Dave:

The Republic of Telly is gone, The Panel is a distant memory. Podcasts are the go-to place for great Irish comedy these days….


Listen here

12 thoughts on “How Would You Talk To Joe?

        1. Dr.Fart MD

          yea Tony, but Sheiks point is far better. You’re just correcting exam papers, whereas he makes a good point about Joe Duffy being poked fun of numerous times by comedians.

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    completely improvised = bad
    it also means that if someone lands on something remotely funny they all lose their minds

  2. Cian

    Ah now. In my youth we used to call in the local (pirate) radio stations and do this live – to a real DJ.
    Ah those were the days.

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