We’re Back, Baby


Above from left: Emma Lynam, HSE; Aine O’Connell; Tony Duffin, CEO Ana Liffey; Dr. Eamon Keenan, HSE; Rebecca Doyle, Ann Liffey; Nicki Kileen, Ana Liffey; and Paul Duff, Ana Liffey

This morning.

The launch of a campaign by the Ana Liffey Drug Project (ALDP) and the HSE to “reduce the harms associated with snorting, smoking or injecting cocaine” as it becomes easier to get good coke in this town Ireland.

Cocaine aka ‘toot’, ‘nose beer’, ‘foo foo dust’, ‘bugle”, ‘chang’, ‘beak’, ‘noggin napalm’ or ‘Mr Chop’ is reportedly a hell of a drug  “more available and at its highest purity than it has been in a decade”.

*stares at wallet*

Ana Liffey


11 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby

    1. Spud

      I know lots of people who are all ‘me me’.
      I dread to think what they’d be like on it!!

  1. Optimus Grime

    “more available and at its highest purity than it has been in a decade” sounds more like an advertisement than a deterrent!

    1. Bonkers

      It sounds like the dealers are upping their game in a more competitive market. Capitalism rocks.

  2. postmanpat

    Yolks give you more bang for your buck. I’ve done coke when it was in front of me but id never buy it. For the price of coke you could get a load of good pills , and still have enough money for some side weed and/or acid. #yokesarebetter plus you spend less on overpriced alcohol on a night out.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    The years between the last coke boom and this one will be regarded in the same fond regard as 1919-39: just gearing up again for another oul blast.

  4. Jimmey_russell

    Coke is harmless sure everyone does it lets just drop the act and decriminalize it

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