Baked Goods


Yesterday evening.

fweed tweetz:

CBD shop in St Stephen’s Green…. one day we’ll have real dispensaries


Ah here.

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  1. Jonsmoke

    what is the use for this stuff. I’ve looked at the website and can’t find an explanation other than this – ” CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle”. How does it “support your health”?

    1. Not Gerry Adams

      flavour of the month stuff tbh. probably has some benefits but loads of spurious claims being made online and by CBD shops – try walking into a shop with any complaint at all and somehow CBD oil is the cure for what ails you. OF COURSE Bodger probably pours it on his turmeric cereal. How’s the #qanon thing going, Bodger?

  2. Cian

    “The Irish Department of Health embarasses itself in making wild and lurid claims linking short-term cannabis use with increased risk of sexual behaviour that transmits sexual disease”

    No. Irish Department of Health quoting peer-based research. [Volkow et al. 2014.]

    1. Mary Jane

      Copy and pasting “peer based research” without checking the veracity of such a spurious and absurd claim…. then republishing this utter nonsense

          1. Cian

            Do you think the department would be correct to say:
            “Drinking alcohol alters your judgement, increasing the risk of sexual behaviours that transmits sexual disease”

          2. Frilly Keane


            and alcohol is available
            and taxed

            so why isn’t Cannabis given the same opportunities
            or heres another way of putting it

            why can’t we be given the CHOICE ourselves

            plenty choice options with alcohol

            why discriminate?
            beyond the Vitners, Brewers and Distillery lobbies
            why should there be any discrimination between Cannabis and Alcohol

          3. Cian

            I agree it should be legalised.
            But even if it were legalised, it is still a harmful drug (like alcohol)

        1. Anomanomanom

          Not one little bit, unless you are smoking how somebody drinks, As they drink just to get locked. Some people dont smoke just be absolutely out of it stoned. They might have a smoke to help sleep at night. The CBD has this effective and proven,absolute facts that it can help with pain relief. Do people think medical marijuana is the same thing you buy here in Ireland. The THC is what gets you “stoned” and is what the major “element” in marijuana most people smoke. But you can easily extract the CBD and use it for health reasons.

          1. Cian

            Agreed – but we may be on cross purposes.

            The two pictures at the top of this page are only loosely related. One is talking about CBD; the other cannabis.

      1. Ronan

        You do realise that “peer based research” means the veracity of such a claim has been checked, right? That’s essentially the definition of peer based research! (You putting peer based research in quotes as a way of trying to diminish its significance is akin to adding #fakenews after bits of science you don’t like).

        And you do understand that clearly referencing the paper from which they have gathered that list is a little more than “copying and pasting”?

        1. Pat Harding

          @Ronan, I know damn well what “peer based research” is. I’m a senior academic, and can tell you unambiguously that not all publications which are ‘peer reviewed’ are as vigorous as you might think. Also, it’s important to question who has funded the research they are quoting?

          Moreover, in writing the guidelines, you assume the person was writing objectively and not selecting publications which fit their own prejudice. (we’re talking about a government department here, remember?) An objective writer should have clearly spotted the claim in that journal was and is spurious and therefore open to critique.

          Anyone can quote a “Peer Review Journal” in an ‘official report’ but few if any also refer to the critiques of that article, which is something which happens quite a lot in the science community.

    1. Pat Harding

      Seriously, in all common sense do you honestly and sincerely believe that just because it’s in a peer reviewed journal that it isn’t nonsense? Every academic knows that even the best peer reviewed journal is not above reproach and some of the reviews are box ticking exercises.

      The observation made in that journal can apply to any drunken romp that happens all the time and more so with alcohol. Applying it to short-term cannabis use is spurious… one need only look up Reefer madness back in the 30’s which made outrageously false allegations that black men seduced white women because of cannabis use . If you don’t believe it, just look up the propaganda posters circulated at the time!

      1. Ronan

        The tweet says that “the department is embarrassing itself in making wild and lurid claims linking short-term cannabis use”

        If they said “the department is embarrassing itself in referencing a scientific paper from a peer-reviewed journal (and like all peer-reviewed journals there’s a chance that the evidence may not be accurate)” then I’d not really have a problem with it.

        But then intent of the tweet (and @fweed’s other Twitter comments on this) is to make out that someone in the department has just made this up (see his comment on “a unique form of Irish state craziness”. That’s just misleading and inaccurate.

        And if you don’t see the difference, well so be it. But it is different.

      2. Cian

        Again, are you suggesting that smoking cannabis doesn’t affect one’s judgement?

        The page shown above is only talking about cannabis; so we don’t know if there were similar warnings about alcohol in a different section;

          1. Cian

            Enough to affect your judgement! :-)

            Q: Does alcohol affect judgement?
            A: it depends – how much alcohol?

            Will a sip of wine, or a puff of cannabis? no; How about a glass of wine, or a joint? yes.

  3. Holden MaGroin

    Bodger do you experience any negative effects from using it?
    I know you’re a dog and stuff but I’m just curious. Do you every feel ruff afterwards?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          i saw him (jay kay) a few months ago in porto. he’s teeny. sharp dresser, though.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Aye. He was brilliant when I saw him live pretty on the Return of the Space Cowboy tour.
            Someone I know was in primary school with him. Said he was a right plonker. Pretended to be a wide boy but from a very middle class background.

  4. Ask Arsene

    Even the the CBD acronym makes me want to knock one out.It’s dangerous and unpredictable.

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