Behold: an extremely well preserved 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale Coupe – one of 46 remaining examples of a lightweight, 1.8l, all-wheel drive, turbo and supercharger-equipped chunk of auto-angularity designed solely to win the fractious Group B World Rally Championship, which it did in 1986 before being banned from competition by the FIA.


Price on request.


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7 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Brother Barnabas

      that was a strange one because the main designer (tom peters) went on to design the chevrolet corvette and was also central to design of early iphones

      1. realPolithicks

        I wasn’t aware of that BB although to be honest the corvette’s not a great looking car either. The iphone on the other hand is brilliant design work.

  1. jusayinlike

    The fuel tank is under the front driver seat, this car killed a finish driver and his co driver in a group 4 rallye in Italy during the 80’s, the car was easily the fastest group 4 car ever produced before the engine capacity and hp limits were brought in. It is a superb Hill climbing racer thanks to the howling supercharger which is always due it being belt driven.

    just listen to the second example in red in this clip

    1. Mr M

      I don’t mean to be smart but I know the brother of the guy that was killed, it was Tour de Corse (the round of the World Rally Championship in Corsica). It was Henri Toivonen and his American co-driver Sergio Cresta. The regulations were due to be changed at the end of the year to a new format called Group S. This was all brought to a premature banning of Group B when a Portuguese driver crashed a Ford RS200 in WRC round in Portugal killing three people.

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