9 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

    1. teddy

      Well this was facilitated by Israel and the Israelis would not of done this if they knew these were ISIS or any other group

  1. johnny

    Today’s much talked about NYT’s piece on Portugal,with NI hitched to a economy heading off a cliff and facing crushing,devastating austerity.Portugal’s economy is still ‘only’ growing at half the rate of ROI’s while NI’s entering another recession.

    “What happened in Portugal shows that too much austerity deepens a recession, and creates a vicious circle,” Prime Minister António Costa said in an interview. “We devised an alternative to austerity, focusing on higher growth, and more and better jobs.”


  2. Ron

    quite the claim from shatter. He got focked by the filth in the club he was once a member of. He knows where the bodies are buried and he I hope he exposes them all out of his bitterness at being dumped.

  3. teddy

    Listening to all the fuss about Liam miller and the outrage that the GAA is not providing a venue for a testimonial
    But was Liam Millar not a soccer player
    Maybe its time to ask Delaney and the FAI why they are not honouring this great soccer player with a testimonial
    In the AVIVA stadium

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