Cockpit Of Misery


This morning/afternoon

Swords, Dublin

Picketing pilots outside Ryanair head office as part of their series of 24-hour official IALPA (Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association) actions in a dispute over terms and conditions.

In other news, where are all the female pilots?




There she is.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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7 thoughts on “Cockpit Of Misery

  1. Ms.Ogynist

    the female pilots are called ‘cabin crew’ .. women’s minds are very different to mens, they can’t navigate and cannot judge space etc. That’s why there’s no famous women drivers, F1, rally, etc. The only thing they can drive competitively are horses. If the pilot on my plane was a woman i dare say I’d leave and get another flight. I’d say most of the very few airplane crashes are women pilots.

  2. The One

    One thing that’s always perplexed me.

    Why are they called Near Misses? I mean, they ARE misses.

    They should be called Near Hits.

    1. The Old Boy

      I shall be stealing that title for my forthcoming compilation of lesser-known B-sides and mediocre filler tracks from two-thirds of the way through popular albums.

  3. Its still an open plan office even if its multi coloured

    “Where all the female pilots”

    Presumably slinking off to do some lesser jobs that’s easier to manage their social life and spending more time getting their claws in to a wealthy man who can provide them with everything even long after they’ve divorced them.

    …….while the inference was men are bad :-)

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