And We’ll Put His Holiness There


This morning/afternoon.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

The launch of transport plans for the World Meeting of Families featuring Pope Francis next month with the Director of Public Transport National Transport Authority Tim Gaston (middle), Garda Superintendent Tom Calvey (right) from Claremorris Garda Station (Knock) and Superintendent Tom Murphy (left), D.M.R Regional Roads Policing Unit (Pope visit to Dublin) .

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

7 thoughts on “And We’ll Put His Holiness There

  1. Ron

    Can’t wait to see all the empty seats and protests against the filth in the Catholic Church. Tax payers money being used to support the visit of the Head of a Cult that has inflicted more suffering on Irish people and society then any other organisation ever. Of course the filth in Leinster House welcome them with open arms. There all of the same kind. Filth always supports filth.

    1. Rugbyfan

      wait til you see the wall to wall coverage RTE offer, spending our fee!!
      Miriam will be in full flow, Joe will be taking calls on how the people felt and Ryan will lament for the time when Kennedy was president.

  2. Dhod

    Is it time to dust off the ‘Pope smokes dope’ t – shirt with a pic of pope JP holding a large coner? Purchased in asha boutique in the 90’s, I was the envy of my hash smoking teenage friends

    1. Dhod

      Jayziz, hash was rough. You’d find bits of plastic/bin liner melted into it and continue to burn in and smoke it

  3. Murtles

    Anyone get any Lollipopes yet?

    ♫ Lollipope, Lollipope, oh Lolli Lollipope, Lollipope ☼ Da dah dah dah ♫

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