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  1. Fake News Shilley

    I’ve never been as shocked by a ‘newspaper’ before as I am with today’s front page on the Daily Express…
    Boris has a wife?

    Didn’t the Daily Express used to be called Viz, or am I mixing it up with a completely different and more refined publication?

  2. Lilly

    I hate that fillies in hats schtick at the Galway races. Why women row in with it I will never know.

    1. mildred st meadowlark

      I know. There’s something that doesn’t sit right with me. But clearly they love it so… Leave them to it I suppose.

  3. SOQ

    Mandy says SOME brexiteers are nationalists and hate foreigners. Outrageous. Next week he will be calling the pope a Catholic.


    The whole point of the EU is free trade and travel. To say that dropping out without a deal will have no consequences is absolutely nuts. And yet, these same people are doing their level best to prevent the biggest single event of British people’s life times being put to a vote by claiming that it would be undemocratic. An Orwellian con job if ever there was one.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      It was put to a vote two years ago with the government promising to respect the will of the people who voted by a clear majority to leave the SM and CU.
      Mandelson was forced to resign twice as a government minister over financial wrongdoing and was rewarded by being made an EU Commissioner before retiring with a million pound pay-off and a lucrative pension.
      If you prefer to take your lead from a crook like that rather than a clear democratic mandate it’s no surprise a French midget now mired in corruption allegations was able to bounce Ireland into a second Lisbon Treaty vote.
      The UK will not be repeating Ireland’s national embarrassment.

      1. SOQ

        Clear majority? Err no, small majority whose existence is now very questionable.

        I notice you don’t actually comment on what he is saying. No amount of guff about WTO hides the fact that if no deal, British industry is in for the mother of all electric shocks and that some will never recover.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          You call 1.3 million a small majority ? And now you want a best of three votes ? No wonder Ireland was rolled over so easily over Lisbon and the bailout.
          The UK will cope just fine with whatever the outcome which I hope will be a clean break to trade under WTO terms – it’s how a large part of its existing trade is carried out at the moment anyway.
          Two years after the referendum and the country is booming – record employment levels which is great news for all those Irish people forced to move there to secure their future,record inward foreign investment,a tech and digital sector that’s the envy of Europe and the City of London remaining the pre-eminent financial centre of the world.
          And it makes stuff the world wants to buy.
          A lot of stuff.
          What’s embarrassing is to watch a once proud and noble people like the Irish genuflect and kow-tow to unlected bureaucrats in Brussels and do their master’s bidding.
          You’ve sold your soul very cheaply.
          But then Brussels already knew you would.

          1. Nigel

            In fairness it’s only embarrassing to racist nationalists more concerned with national pride than what’s actually good for your country.

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            Isn’t national pride bring concerned with what’s good for your country ?
            But I understand the quandary you find yourself in.
            You want Brexit to fail but you know if it does Ireland will suffer badly.
            It’s your fear and desperation that gives it away.

          3. SOQ

            Nothing has happened yet Oillie, absolutely nothing. You can talk it up until the cows come home but they can’t even decide on what they want let alone agree it with other member states. Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

            This is not Irelands mess so quit with the defection… and the insults. If you have such a problem with Irish people then why are you constantly posting on an Irish site?

          4. Ollie Cromwell

            If it’s an Irish site only why is it and you so obsessed about the UK ?
            And quite a lot has happened – which is why the continued good economic and trade news confirms confidence in Blighty for the future remains high.
            You need to be patient – it’s called negotiating.

          5. SOQ

            In case you have been asleep, the border in Ireland is probably the biggest single Brexit issue yet to be resolved.

            But I am curious John, why do you come on here every day spouting the same old anti Irish bile? If you actually believe what you type then why not go to some of the English right wing sites?

          6. Ollie Cromwell

            Who is John ?
            And what you’re suggesting is that debate should only be carried out in an echo chamber where you only hear what you want to hear.
            It’s Generation Snowflake meets #metoo.
            You might find it hard to believe but there are quite a few people I know deeply concerned about this government’s enthusiastic rejection of support for its closest ally and biggest trading partner.
            Ireland may come to bitterly regret Varadkar’s ineptitude.

          7. SOQ

            If you have to resort to alt Right clichés to justify why you come on here every day hurling anti Irish abuse then there’s not much left to be said now is there?

          8. Ollie Cromwell

            It’s entirely predictable that people in favour of Brexit are automatically thought of as being right-wing.
            In much the same was as Nigel thinks anyone voting Brexit was a racist nationalist.
            Huge swathes of Labour supporters voted for Brexit which by its very nature is outward-looking and internationalist.
            Fortunately this continued ignorance by anit-Brexiteers of the driving forces behind the successful Leave vote is why,despite two years or abuse and scare-mongering,Leave remains in the ascendancy.
            Deep down though I think you’re just ashamed at how little power and influence Ireland has at the moment having flushed it all away when capitulating to Brussels over Lisbon 2 and the Bailout.
            I feel your pain.
            It must be awful.

          9. george

            These things are measured in percentages. 51.9% voted to leave so yes that is a very small margin.

          10. Ollie Cromwell

            Small margin,big margin makes no differences.
            Limerick beat Cork by four points in a 78-point thriller on Sunday but I don’t see calls to re-run the match because of the small percentage of victory.
            You either believe in democracy or you don’t.

          11. SOQ

            You just can’t help yourself eh? Always having to goad.

            It would be nice for British people who are leavers to come onto this site and have a civilised discussion about their reasons why, like they do on other sites, but they are not going to with someone like shouting every one down now are they?

          12. johnny

            Keep up the good work Ollie,that herd mentality drove Ireland into the arms of the IMF and the Brits,dissenting voices and different opinions are always drowned out in Irl,by bitter old people, who complain about others on ‘here all day’ when they literally do nothing else but post drunken nonsense, insults,and drivel.

          13. Nigel

            ‘You might find it hard to believe but there are quite a few people I know deeply concerned about this government’s enthusiastic rejection of support for its closest ally and biggest trading partner.’

            What a pity you chose to express yourself as an insincere poser grinding an axe against the chip on your shoulder. You might be easier to believe. What class of person decide that the way to counter a supposedly complacent consensus of opinion by presenting their different opinion in a way that only serves to confirm the worst impressions of that supposed consensus? Not someone whose opinion is really worth anything.

          14. Nigel

            ‘In much the same was as Nigel thinks anyone voting Brexit was a racist nationalist.’

            No, I think you are a racist nationalist. That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s how you present. You can’t seriously expect to be seen as anything else. You’re practically a racist caricature of yourself.

          15. johnny

            FFS-Nigel get over yourself its a online forum,scroll past comments that you don’t like-Kerrigan gave you a shout out,congrats its good day for you, enjoy it:)

          16. Nigel

            Can’t have it both ways, john-boy. Can’t decry herd mentality and the quashing of dissenting voices then presume to tell others what they should or shouldn’t talk about.

          17. Ollie Cromwell

            Poor Nigel.
            Still,the view must be marvellous from up there on his high horse.

    2. Ollie Cromwell

      Quick question – anyone know of lots of Irish people returning home because of Brexit fears ?
      I certainly don’t.
      The ones I know forced to leave after the economy was destroyed by greed and incompetence seem remarkably confident in their future in the UK.
      Another generation of Ireland’s brightest and best lost forever.

      1. Bernie

        +1 Ollie, for your comment on another generation of Ireland’s brightest and best lost forever. So sad, but it’s the truth.

        People feel a bit uncertain as to just how it will affect them financially over there, but they’ll weather it without too much hardship. That’s just my opinion.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Here’s a man from the British Sandwich Association complaining about the difficulties Britain will face making sandwiches in the event of a Hard Brexit.
          Smashed avocados are going to be a thing of the past.
          The Army will have to be brought in to protect the stockpiles of food.
          There’ll be no milk from Britain’s dairy farms.
          It’s this sort of Project Fear nonsense which makes a mockery of the Remoaners.

          1. Bernie

            Lol. If people took notice of this poo poo that’s pumped out daily, they’d all be on tranquilizers. No-one is going to starve over there, manufactured hype.

          2. Nigel

            Remainers worry about things like food and borders and medicines and airspace agreements. Brexiteers worry about how to spell ‘traitors’ when writing headlines about remainers.

          3. SOQ

            @ Bernie. You have clearly never worked in the EU food supply chain where every hour counts. Irish people who supply farm produce while rearing families and struggling to pay mortgages going to the wall because of your father’s grudges is it?


          4. Ollie Cromwell

            So why is Varadkar allowing the EU to use the spurious question of the Irish border,which accounts for a miniscule amount of trade,instead of working to ensure east-west trade into and through the UK is unaffected.
            Because he thinks it’s box office for him at the next election.
            Liability Leo has backed the wrong horse and Ireland will come to regret it.

          5. johnny

            Can you try English please-what are you referring too,its nonsense, illogical,drivel,is this a question.

            “Irish people who supply farm produce while rearing families and struggling to pay mortgages going to the wall because of your father’s grudges is it? “

          6. Bernie

            SOQ, Is someone sponsoring you to keep this Brexit-related fear pumping? I think I pulled in and asked you for directions, outside Ballybay cattle mart a few years back – sweltering heat and there you stood proud as punch in your 1970s brown suit and a woolly bobble hat on your noggin, mad grin and eyes dancing…

            For someone from a border county, I cannot believe the state of fear you appear to be existing in this last while, you have to get grip. We’re made of sterner stuff, come on now!

            I’ve been up hill and down dale in childhood and adulthood, Brexit doesn’t raise a ripple of anything resembling fear in me. I feel for anyone that’s panicking, but I’m not going to be drawn into a breakdown over it, to fk with that.

            I haven’t had anything to do with my father for years but thanks for resurrecting that particular nightmare.

            Hope you enjoyed Barra Best last night, he’s doing well for himself, love that show, Coast Life. I wish you no harm, any remark I make to you is only messing, sure we’re probably related somewhere along the line, two contrary so and so’s from the same vicinity and all…

      2. SOQ

        The main reason the Irish are not leaving Britain right now is because they hope they will be covered by the CTA. The mainland Europeans on the other hand are, especially those from the east because they feel they have no future in England.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Are they though ?
          Fewer Polish and Romanians are coming to the UK because the fall in the value of sterling has made it less attractive to do so.
          And anyway the figures are notoriously uncertain.
          Any fall in immigration from whatever country is welcome news for most Brits – as in Ireland increased immigration brings huge pressure to bear on hospitals,schools and social welfare.
          And last year alone saw the equivalent of an entire new city the size of Wolverhampton arriving in Britain.
          So much for your spurious claim that people feel they have no future in England.
          The Irish certainly think they have a better one than here.

  4. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

    Rogue cyclists??? Yes, the dozens of road deaths they cause every year. What a rag!!!

  5. diddy

    the una healy story raises many questions. is it worth dissolving your life because your husband scratched the itch?

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