It’s All In Your Head


Jeremy Corbyn (right) ally Peter Willsman (right) reportedly says UK Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal is invented.

What I Told the Psychiatrist
for Pete Willsman

The cat pads downstairs and its claws
take their hate out on me because
he’s been up there re-reading his copy
of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,
which, one of these days, I’ll find
if it kills me, which I expect it will.

Then the wife joins in with an unprovoked
“Are you really wearing that?”
against one of my more
avant-garde jumpers, and I realise
it’s a symptom of her
longstanding admiration for
the architecture of Albert Speer.

And there’s the shop assistant who
by her very body language accuses
me of being a veteran
of Yom Kippur and member
of Israel Military Intelligence,
each time she rings up my
Vichy bottled water.

And those who’ve previously
marched and written against
anti-Semitism but now give
tacit endorsement to the policies
of the General Government of Poland
(nineteen thirty nine to forty five)
by disagreeing with me
about the price of parsnips,
or deciding to support
Leicester City. Worst of all is when

Bank Holiday weekend traffic
gets suddenly constipated, and some
random driver takes his pain out on me
by mouthing horrible words
through his windscreen
because he knows I’m Jewish

even though no one in my family
ever previously was.

Kevin Higgins

Composite via The Sun

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11 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Head

  1. Dough Berman

    Hard not to sympathise (I think the Momentum statement to the effect that there can be a genuine issue with antisemitism and that that genuine issue can also be disingenuously exploited for political gain is basically on the money) . The issue is persistently reported as ‘failure to adopt the full definition’ when they actually have adopted the definition, they’ve just clarified the illustrative examples. The Commons report on the issue actually recommended that ‘caveats’ be attached to the definition prior to its adoption, which I think is an even stronger position than substituting some examples.

    Curiously, Hansard doesn’t have any record of Margaret Hodge objecting to, or even remarking upon, that report and its recommendation. Weird, right?

  2. dhaughton99

    The Guardian and the Blair shills really have it in for Jeremy over the jews. Stinks to high heaven.
    The paper have really gone to crap over the past year or two. Since Rushbridger left, It’s just either Trump, Jez or clickbait fashion articles.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Yeah you’re right.
      The 68 Rabbis who wrote in complaining about Labour’s anti-Semitism,the Labour MPs who protested outside Parliament,the three competing Jewish newspapers who shared the same front page denouncing it,
      the ordinary Jewish Labour party members leaving in droves – they’re all shills.

      1. Dough Berman

        Can’t speak for dhaughton, but that joint front page said that a Corbyn government would be “an existential threat to Jewish life in the UK”. I’ll cheerfully say both that I think that’s objectively false and that every single person involved in the creation and dissemination of that joint front page is entirely aware that it’s objectively false.

        So if ‘shill’ can encompass “perfectly willing to exaggerate to the point of falsehood for politically motivated reasons”, then hell yeah, shills shills shills.

  3. RuilleBuille

    The treatment of Corbyn is appalling. Anyone who knows anything about Corbyn know he is a committed anti-racist.

  4. shitferbrains

    “Jeremy Corbyn walked down the aisle with a policeman pointing to those he wanted removed”.

    At an anti-Zionist meeting held on Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 . Corbyn in the Chair.

    He’s been a Jew baiter for most of his career but because he dresses it up as anti-Zionism he’s been allowed to get away with it.

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