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  1. Shayna

    Ryanair pilots are striking again, this week it’s Sweden based, last week it was Germany, the week before, etc.. It does beg the question what’s up? I’ve flown successfully with Ryanair 4 times in the past 2 months – all’s good with the pilots, captain and first officer – cabin crew, excellent. Michael O’Leary’s plan to have a single pilot and half his pilot staff – ludicrous. I’ve flown a two seater as a beginner, as exhilerating as it was – it was quite nice to have someone who knew what they were doing sitting beside me, in case I screwed up. A two seater flying at 1000 feet is a tad different from a jumbo at 35000 feet with 300ish passengers. I’ve got 1hrs flying time – only another 19 and I can achieve a private pilot’s licence. The training for a pilot of a jet costs a tad more than my half hour sessions (it’s all towards fly-time) – it would appear to cost @ $1M per pilot.
    Not that I consider myself a pilot, by any means – surely, to run an air line – the pilots are the key?

  2. john f

    On her analysis of the burka Ruth Davidson is talking utter rubbish.
    I am reposting that text of a response tweet from Roger Helmer

    Telegraph: “Burka no different from wearing a crucifix”. Except (A) The crucifix is a religious symbol, the burka is not, & (B) Very few people choose to cover their entire faces with a crucifix.

    On the American sanctions here is the text of a comment I made on another news website.

    Is there any chance that the UK could release the Supposed proof that Russia was behind the chemical weapons attack.
    After the chemical weapons in Iraq lie (that killed or displaced millions) it is very hard to take the UK government’s word for anything.
    I agree with some of the previous comments linking all of this economy’s (namely LPG gas sales).
    If a pipeline is ever built supplying Russian gas to the EU directly it’s game over for the European exports of American gas companies. Russian gas is already cheaper than its American equipment and in terms of natural resources, America cannot hold a candle to Russia.
    The UK has always been the dog at the heel of America. America cannot touch the Russians militarily without incurring severe losses so the only stick they have left to beat them with is economic’s.
    The World Cup in Russia was a great success, it shows them in a positive light. There are already deepening economic ties with China. America is doing all that it can to stop them from dealing with Europe.

    On the story of work permits to be given to 10% of those in direct provision.
    It is not a good idea, virtually all of those getting work permits will be working in the unskilled labour section of society. That area is typically occupied by working-class people, up-and-coming teenagers getting a foothold on the jobs market, single parents that can only work part-time et cetera. The addition of direct provision workers creates unwelcome competition. Since most of these jobs are back of house and require very little if any customer interaction the additional supply of workers will ensure that wages never arise and conditions stay poor. If the existing worker complains about wages et cetera the employer can find a reason to push them out and get a new work on work permit that will work for very little and likely will not complain for fear of losing their job and their permit.
    It is a race to the bottom.
    The jobs market is subject to the laws of supply and demand just like any other market. Adding additional supply benefits the employer. A certain level of protectionism is a healthy thing.
    I know this point of view will upset some people but sometimes just sometimes you have to think with your brain and not your heart.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    Any news from the European Athletics Championships ?
    Asking for a friend in search of a bandwagon.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        That Waterford guy Thomas Wotsit is running today. Some other dude whose Mum is from Belfast (so he swapped from Team GB — maybe? I half read it) is also through to the 200m final.
        Half remembered ‘facts’ but I’m sure about the “running today” thing.

    1. ReproButina

      Look at you trying to denigrate the achievements of a small nation on the sporting stage. 2 medals from a country with a population 3/4s that of London is very impressive.

      Tell us again about your international sporting career.

        1. ReproButina

          And yet again, any time facts appear he runs off to hide behind insults.

          Your international sporting career?

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