22 thoughts on “Playing For Liam

  1. rotide

    The prozone data should make for some interesting reading. Can’t see many blazing runs down the wings with those lads

    1. scottser

      i saw alan smith’s name and remembered that block from riise’s free kick and the state of his ankle afterwards.

          1. rotide

            When Liverpool actually release a statement condemning the actions of the fans, it’s hard to call it a Myth bertie :)

            There’s guerriers in every fanbase, doesn’t mean they’re all like that (Although Milwall QPR and West Ham seem to want to refute this particular assertion)

      1. Bonkers

        Dion Dublin- a great example of transfer market inflation. He joined Man Utd for £1.3m then broke his leg and was injured a whole season before they sold him off for £2.7m. A few years later he was sold again, this time for £7.5m.

        1. Otis Blue

          And by the time he had recovered from injury United had signed Cantona.

          Speaking of whom, he’d be an interesting addition to the game, collar up, strolling around, chest puffed out…

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