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Swords, Dublin.

Ryanair pilots are striking in five European countries, forcing the cancellation of a sixth of the firm’s flights during the holiday season peak.

The 24-hour walk-out involves staff in Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. About 50,000 passengers are understood to have been told of cancellations on 400 flights.

Ryanair strike: One in six flights cancelled in pilot walkout (BBC)


7 thoughts on “One In Six

  1. dylad

    Project manager cannot make best friend’s wedding. Should have put that on a risk register and had a contingency plan in place.

      1. milk teeth

        Does it matter? If they have decided these conditions are not on and are working together to improve their lot why does what other airlines are doing with there pilots make a difference?
        Essentially if they have it worse they should be able to improve it to the base line. If they are already ahead of the baseline then surly they can still ask for more and hopefully lead improvements in terms and conditions across their industry.
        People don’t take going on strike lightly. For a start you lose pay (and pension etc etc) and causing a stir like that at work is never good for the career. Also despite what people may think they will not be happy about messing their customers around.
        Going on strike is often presented as a jolly or something people do at the drop of a hat, its not. They also present it as if some how a union boss or hardliners have demanded everyone goes on strike so they do – where as in reality striking is the ultimate democracy you literally vote with your feat by striking or going to work.

    1. Christopher

      Actually no- they are getting what ALL airlines have had to deal with which is that the staff can strike and disrupt their entire business so you have ridiculous pay and conditions that cripple the business when oil prices rise. Ryanair were just able to delay it thanks to there being enough pilots to take the jobs- now there is a shortage of pilots in Europe who fly boeing so they cant be replaced as easily- as soon as the pilots knew this they strike.

      We all pay for this and Ryanair will not be the only airline to suffer from these strikes.

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