Taking An Axe To The Áras


Guitarist Jimmy Smyth


We can believe in.

Musician Jimmy Smyth, legendary guitarist/singer with The Bogey Boys, who announced his intention to run for President of Ireland last week, is thiiis close to reaching his petition goal and is confident of persuading four county councils to endorse his campaign.

Jimmy says:

My main platforms are The Arts and the Homeless Crisis, Corruption and non transparency in general. I pretty much have a different rant daily. This administration has rich pickings...

In fairness.

Also: Can Miggldy do this?

James Smyth For President (Change.org)

‘The people have power’: Guitarist Jimmy Smyth launches petition to run for presidency (Irish Examiner)

Pic via James Smyth

35 thoughts on “Taking An Axe To The Áras

    1. Brother Barnabas

      I’ve a hopeful suspicion that maria steen would be concupiscence itself behind closed doors

      and on that basis, ive a small crush on her

    1. Jimmy Smyth

      It means I have a ‘mandate’ to go to the county councils to make my case for their nomination of me as a Candidate.
      Simply that.

      1. Cian

        1,500 signatures is very few in election terms. You are going to need 1,500,000+ votes to become president.

  1. jimmy

    Today I heard that the finances in the aras are under scrutiny
    But they do not want to start an investigation at the time of an election
    Somewhat is going on?
    If finances are being abused I think the taxpayer must be protected not reputations
    What a corrupt little country we live in which is now more corrupt than with haughey at the helm

    1. Cian

      *If* there are problems with the Aras i doubt they are related to the President. His staff *may* be overly generous in booking hotels, for example. But if that is the case it is the office rather than the incumbent. So leaving an investigation until after the election is the correct thing to do. IMO

      1. Giggidygoo

        He chooses the accommodation, the staff book it. €3000 per night, for a three night stay in Switzerland? That’s extracting the urine

        1. Frilly Keane

          Your think he should have stayed in the local Maldon?

          Would ya get the púc

          Shur’ I wouldn’t do that

          A rumour Starts in the usual main stream blow holes
          Public accounts committee MIGHT look into Áras expenditure

          Heeemmm what PR shyster might have triggered that hape of oul’ guff

          The Paddies will ate an’ting put in front ov’em

          For GooGoo btw

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Anyone who want’s to run for President should be facilitated. It should be upto the electorate to accept and reject candidates, not quangos and vested interests.

    1. Rob_G

      You would end up with hundreds of cranks running (along with some no doubt very good genuine minority candidates).

        1. Wellness

          Forgot about the ageism. I was going to throw my hat in the ring and get BS to back me in my campaign. I was even working on a hashtag and a meme…. #vainpursuits

  3. Rob_G

    “My main platforms are The Arts and the Homeless Crisis, Corruption and non transparency in general. I pretty much have a different rant daily. This administration has rich pickings…”

    – by ‘this administration’ is he referring to Miggeldy, or to the government? Something tells that me that the proposed candidate might be overestimating the powers of the President; aside from referring a bill related to one of the issues above to the Supreme Court if he feels it might be unconstitutional, his power in shaping policy in any of these areas is very limited indeed.

      1. Jimmy Smyth

        No. I understand that the President has limited powers. IN OFFICE.
        My intention, as a citizen of this republic, is to get to the ‘Candidate’ stage so as I have a forum to debate with the other contenders, and highlight – without fear or favour – what is wrong with my country and make some suggestions. Also to question why certain candidates are ‘running’ in any case. Social Media is just not a strong enough platform to do this effectively. I will (hopefully) be the only Candidate who is neither Part Affiliated or filthy rich. So can say what I want.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Same here

        It’s about the campaign

        A bit like the comments section here
        And where ever too, I suppose.

        This is where the action is
        This is where the real debate rolls
        This where democracy is tested, measured and proved

        I dunno why some ah’ the grander columnists crib about this spot tbh
        But shur’
        That’s them
        Definitely not me

        Anyway Jimmy
        G’ luck wi’it
        Get yerself on da’ ballot
        And I’ll do me best to make sure you’ll out poll the FGFF implant

      1. Lilly

        It’s probably the glasses, the tache and the beard, shrouded in darkness. Maybe I’ll give Specsavers a bell!

  4. Lurch

    I’m with Miggeldy all the way.
    IMO, a champion for social justice.
    But if Jimmy wants to run a campaign and sticks the boot into FGFF over the environment/homelessness/health I may find myself very appreciative of the noise he makes.

    Zero interest in egomaniac dragons offa de telly.

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