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      1. postmanpat

        Spot on. This movie poster is no more manipulative than every other advertisement for any other product. I torrent movies anyway and will teach my kids to do the same. Now, how’s that for corrupting young people?!!!

          1. postmanpat

            So you never knew parents that knicked the “pipe” of the road as a kid? “stealing ” from mega corporations is okay. Its a victimless crime. In and out, no one gets hurt, capish?

          2. ReproButina

            I’ve listened to a number of interviews with Scott Adkins when he’s promoting his films. Every time he is asked about a potential sequel he says that the only way they can get a sequel is if people pay to see the film, buy the DVD or both. He is very clear on the impact downloading films has on the industry, especially for small budget films like most of his.

          3. rotide

            Apparently my parents weren’t criminals Pat

            As for :
            “stealing ” from mega corporations is okay. Its a victimless crime. In and out, no one gets hurt, capish?

            Tell that to the staff laid off at the Savoy, The people that are paying exhorbitant amounts of money for live music, anyone who’s ever dealt with Ticketmaster etc etc

          4. postmanpat

            I never said it wasn’t criminal. But enough normies pay to watch these movies or buy music so the industry isn’t as affected as it lets on. Anyway, I have and still do pay for the cinema and concerts , I just don’t see every single movie on the big screen. I have no interest in even pirating any Scott Adkin movies after ironically paying to see Expendables 2 in the Cinema years ago. On podcasts you hear rich industry people casually talk about staying in and watching a few dvd screeners every Oscar season. They don’t pay to see movies. And yeah .ill give Happytime Murders a download in a few weeks when it hits dvd , if the reviews are any good that is .It looks rubbish from the trailers anyway. I stopped eating meat and fast-food poison too. Should I feel reasonable for the kids working in McD’s too?

          5. :-Joe

            The staff of the Savoy getting shafted has nothing to do with illegal internet copyright content sharing. It’s because of unaccountable corporate private financial interests trying to satisfy the needs of shareholders over and at the expense of the ordinary decent hard working private citizens who are doing all the work in the first place.

            The fact is they are better off leaving their jobs if they can and the public should vote in support by not going to those cinemas that do not respect workers rights and a fair wage for a fair days work. Let those businesses slowly fail and disappear and support responsible and ethical businesses who will eventually prevail automatically.

            You have more power than any corporation that has or will ever exist when you take responsibility in how you spend your money. If you make a consciencious decision each and every time you hand over payment for a good or service you are in charge of more than your own destiny. Ask yourself is this company doing the right thing and do I want to support them in how they do it? It’ really is that simple.

            Copyright laws and the legal frameworks around them are often at best biased and corrupt and sometimes outright illegal themselves in many situations and the way they are applied is not in the public’s best interest it is for anonymous, unaccountable, corporate shareholders and the unquenchable bloodthirst for perpetual profits any expense.

            The public knows this inherently as a matter of fact and that’s why it answered with the likes of Bit Torrent technology and file sharing systems that, wait for it, actually have been proven to increase discovery and awaareness and even help sales overall more than the negative effects of lost earnings on sharing etc etc.

            Copyright laws and the legal systems around are oppressive and out of sync with reality, the methods used to police and monetise content are out of date and the world without all being legal experts is expressing that fact in revolt .

            It will all change with the successor to blockchain technology where you will be charged per millisecond of what you view at a reasonable and fair price(hopefully probably not) but even then, like 75% of internet users right now, there will still be “illegal” content sharing and piracy etc etc..which is actually a good thing for overall technological innovation..

            …and people who are poor or unfortunate and can’t afford access to the same level of access to information which will become even more important in the future. Digital oil etc..

            Another way to look at it is it’s humanity’s technological arms-race tax put on greed to balance it all out in the name of justice for all.

            Just remember to pay what you can by way of live ticket sales, purchasing product or donating what you can afford directly to remunerate, help and support others who provide a good product or service, no matter how small or insignificant the product or payment may seem.

            Otherwise it’s corporate(mostly american) fast food and super hero cineplax obesity culture for all.


          6. postmanpat

            Uncanny! :-Joe. That’s exactly how I explain it to my 2 year old daughter every night before bed.

          7. :-Joe

            Well, whatever happens, at least she’ll be starting her intellectual journey from a point of being informed about more of the truth than most seem to be, despite kids seeming far more intelligent and capable than I thankfully remember being at their age.

            As usual, common sense is not as common to see being excercised.. unfortunately… but we can all do better.


  1. Starina

    Probably written by whatever unwashed old grouch photocopies handwritten religious tracts and leaves them in letterboxes

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    anyone see those suited singing American Bible bashers on Henry street yesterday ?

    1. :-Joe

      Ye I saw them being upstaged by a bunch of amp’d up Hari Krishna’s with large bongo’s and a trail of happy smiles… Decent sound but they need to work a bit more on the lyrics tho..

      Ease into it and maybe add in a few yeah.. yeah’s or oooh.. ooh’s


  3. AssPants

    Ah jeepers…..another parent who is incapable of guiding their children; obviously it’s the schools fault and government. Certainly not up to the relevant parent/s to guide their children through life..

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