Meanwhile, At The Higher Education Authority


Higher Education Authority CEO Graham Love

HEA Chief Executive, Dr Graham Love, has announced he is to step down.

“It is with regret that I resign as HEA chief executive. The HEA makes a valuable contribution to higher education in Ireland. In my brief tenure, I have endeavoured to make strategic development a core element of HEA activities. I wish the organisation every success in the future” stated Dr Love.

From a press release posted on the Higher Education Authority website this afternoon.


HEA chief executive announces resignation (RTE)

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Higher Education Authority

  1. Alan McGee

    He’s just realised his name is Dr. Love so he’s leaving to offer qualified opinion on the new season of Love Island. – And it’s over to you in the studio Dr. Love

  2. bisted

    …bad day all round for the Minister…I trust it won’t interfere with her well-earned holidays…

  3. Ron

    According to the Irish Times, his resignation was due to “frustration at senior levels over the extent of control from the Department of Education”. They claim that the frustration has resulted in “the organisation’s lack of independence and relevance”. 

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