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  1. Inquisitor

    Have the official figures for the Phoenix Park been released yet? Or are the papers following RTE’s lead and going to make do with ‘significantly less than expected’. Can we have the numbers please???? The commentators which RTÉ let run amock for the past few days were great PR artists for the Church. Oliver Callan tried to call it as it was and was almost ejected from the panel. Can we have the figures please. There was lock-down in the City and media saturation. Is there an independent minded journalist out there who can find out what the actual figures were? Cus they were nowhere near 500k in the park!

    1. Martin

      Official Gardai figures put it at 130k, I’d say this is either being generous or about right. Its def not more then this

      1. Giggidygoo

        Well going on the Garda record as regards breathalyzer tests, the130,000cant be relied on.

        1. Martin

          Grand so, how about the priest involved in organisaing who was on on RTE Radio 1 this morning, He said about 200k……thats even a stretch.

          One way or another or was a utter failure turnout wise as was Dublin on Saturday where hardly anyone turned out to see him drive by.

      1. Spud


        Who cares?
        When I saw the forecast on Sunday morning, it was obvious that would turn off a huge number.
        Given a lot were of an older generation, conditions were such they best not travel.
        Everyone knows mass numbers are dwindling etc… so it’s no real surprise.
        I reckon RTEs ratings will be show a lot of people still tuned in.
        I’m not a mass goer, but still watched pretty much all of it over the weekend.

  2. Steph Pinker

    TBH, I feel torn over Francis’ visit because I can’t separate the faith and beliefs some decent people still possess for what he’s supposed to represent, yet, the reality of what some depraved members of the Catholic Church and its institutions have inflicted upon many, for so long is too overwhelming to contemplate.

    1. SOQ

      But it’s still going on. They are stalling redress in the hope that some of the victims die off and that in itself is abuse.They are an extremely wealthy organisation and are behaving like a global corporation where right and wrong plays no part. Time will tell if he is actually a man of his word or, it was all just a PR exercise.

    2. Lilly

      I give everyone over 70 a free pass on questions of faith. They were subjected to intense brainwashing back in the day. Cognitive dissonance is to be expected in response to what has unfolded.

      1. Martco

        ehhh hold your horses there @Lilly

        assuming your brain is operational & normal it doesn’t stop working at 70

        we’re giving too many free passes out

      2. Starina

        people over 70 are still adults. It does them a disservice to infantalise them — and will be us someday.

  3. b

    …Up to 13 miles of out-houses lining the motorways post Brexit, if no border deal is struck, Ollie. There’ll be no excuse for you being full of it anymore then, me aul mucker…

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Ah yes,the Daily Star.
      A world leader in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism.
      Its team of crack journalists lead the way in its unrivalled reportage of the socio-economic challenges facing the 5th largest economy in the post-Brexit world.
      Tomorrow it will be following this story up with the latest sightings of Elvis Presley in Sligo.

      1. SOQ

        Goad away there Oillie but we all know that if Britain crashes out of the EU, it is head between the legs time.

        I see Farage is back. He says there will be a second referendum and he’s right of course, there will be. He also says the people of Belfast are perfectly fine with Brexit except that is far from the truth as it is possible to get. So let me ask you are very straight forward question, what is your solution to the border issue? Bear in mind that it must sit within the GFA framework and not threaten the stability of NI. A serious answer please.

      2. ReproButina

        The Daily Star is where you got your SAS sniper story Ollie. You were happy with it as a source then.

          1. bisted

            …best opportunity ever for further movement towards a united Ireland and an independent Scotland…

      3. Gabby

        If Elvis Presley is sighted in Sligo they’ll be rocking and rolling on both sides of the Garavogue river.

  4. dennis

    13 miles of portaloos
    Come on
    If this was the case Dover and the other ports would be carrying ten times the volume of transport it is already taking
    I suppose it will also mean at the other side of the sea it will be the same

  5. dennis

    Who cares about the numbers
    What we care about is what is going to be done about the abuse
    If the pope fails then its up to this state to bring the case to the European criminal court
    Having the Vatican just pay for a memorial in Tuam is simply not good enough
    We are talking about over 700 little baby Irish disposed in sewers
    And the organisation that ran that facility is bon secures
    And a very wealthy organisation in the private health hospital industry
    A legal writ is the way to go

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