24 More Families, 43 More Children


This evening.

New Department of Housing figures show there were 6,024 adults, 1,778 families and 3,867 children staying in emergency accommodation in July.

This means there’s been a decrease of 24 adults but an increase of 24 families and 43 children since June – when there were 6,048 adults, 1,754 families and 3,824 children in emergency accommodation.

Via Department of Housing

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6 thoughts on “24 More Families, 43 More Children

  1. Giggidygoo

    6,048 adults,
    1,754 families
    3,824 children

    So are the adult and children figures not included in the families figure, or if not, how many family members are there.

  2. john f

    The laws of supply and demand apply here. How does one suppose this will affect housing, health, education and other public services?
    Official’s say we have a moral duty to cater for economic migrants but we will not be able to. Our health system is broken right now and the will does not seem to be there to fix it. With housing we are about 10 years behind in construction figures. The next few years are going to be very interesting.

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