Back To The Future…


…starring Terry Prone.


Economist David McWilliams’ new documentary on Ireland’s economy.

On TV3 Virgin Media One at 10pm.

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14 thoughts on “Back To The Future…

    1. Topsy

      Eddie was the darling of RTE and indeed the people. Thing is he wasn’t very good into putting into practice what he preached. His St. Brendan’s boat sank without trace. Also got fired by Renua. Of course it also sank without trace – thankfully.

  1. Jimmey_russell

    I find the constant misogynistic abuse of Mrs Prone on broadsheet to be utterly disgusting, most likely led by some disgruntled male who can’t handle a successful woman.

    1. LeopoldGloom

      She did the PR to try and deny the seriousness of what happened at ht Tuam mother and babies home. It’s not misogynist, it’s that she’s an awful person, succesful or not. They are not attacking the other succesful woman on the panel (because she’s not a terrible person)

      David McWilliams is nothing more than a waffler either too. He’ll say something very, very vague, then say I told you so.

      1. SOQ

        Maybe he will but I attended a speak of his funded by a printer company in Croke Park no less in around 2003-4. He done everything bar scream stop at what was going on back then. He doesn’t have all the answers but at least he is trying to find them, which is more than the current governmental cheerleaders. Ring any bells?

        There is something very wrong in a situation where people cannot afford to buy a home within a reasonable commute from their work. Supply and demand is only part of the picture because for the most part ‘immigrants’ could not afford even normal prices and Grand Canal Dock is mainly 40-60k.

        I personally think the answer is way closer to home. Greedy Irish gougers who don’t give two poos who they kick out on the street as long as get their increase. Disgusting individuals who use ‘market value’ as an excuse to make sure nobody makes a home in THEIR property.

    2. millie st murderlark

      Jim, your Ms Prone impression is fab.

      More convincing than the real Ms Prone, which is really saying something.

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