Central Plaza, Dame Street, Dublin 2

Construction underway on the site of the former Central Bank building, completing renovation work on the polarising slice of Brutalist architecture, that will include: shops, 12,000sqm of office space and a 300-seat rooftop restaurant.

Work was stopped on the original building when it was spotted the construction was too tall by at least 30 feet, or two extra floors.

Good times.

Central Bank (Archiseek)

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

12 thoughts on “Cute Floors

  1. James Stratford

    Really had enough of this ‘too tall’ absolute nonsense. We really need to get over this mental roadblock to progress, that a 19th century skyline must be preserved at all costs, at the expense of those who inhabit the city in the 21st. Look at cities like Montréal, they have preserved their historic core and build up elsewhere. Why don’t we do this?

      1. Grace

        Yep during a visit to Vienna last year I was impressed by how well they manged to accomodate modern tall buildings with their historic core.
        And to be fair, Vienna is way more historic and grand then shabby aul Dublin is, with its fixation on its Georgian legacy.

        Also hate the way planners here refuse any new builds with height in case it detracts from our traditional georgian look, when they allow old buildings to fall into rack and ruin – a case in point being that 18th century building on the corner of Ormand Quay and Capel St – empty for 30 years or more now, could it not be cleaned or given a lick of paint if it cannot be developed??
        Terrible eyesore at such a key point in city centre.

  2. Frilly Keane

    are that many Irish men so scared of heights that this job has been designed around them

    too tall
    cop on
    tis a European Capital that has citizens living in tents
    and workers traveling from other provinces to work there everyday

  3. Tim

    It’s a modernist masterpiece. The roof should not be altered. In any other European city no major alterations would’ve been allowed.

    1. Cian

      Why? The roof was changed in the (recent) past – The struts were originally visible – but then were covered in copper.

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