Artist collective Subset is selling the prints and cap above, and more, from their Grey Area Project for €30 each.

The Grey Area Project aims to challenge the planning rules regarding public art in Dublin.

The profits of each print sale go to the Inner City Helping Homeless charity, while the full proceeds of the cap sales will go to the charity.

In fairness.



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6 thoughts on “A Thinking Cap

  1. shortforBob

    Marketing Agency. Subset is a marketing agency.
    We’ve been over this before, repeatedly

    They don’t bother to get planning permission before and they don’t even try to apply for retention after.

    If they were about art as they claim they would at least try and get retention, crowdfunding to cover the cost of any work that might actually be popular enough for the public to want to help keep. They know it will take weeks before they are forced to paint over anything. They are cynically exploiting the lack of enforcement to promote their own business and make money.

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