“He Got Off Lightly”


From top: Blue Shark; Robert Malcolmson (right) following his shark bite

Aran, the Animal Rights Network, have sent a message to shark hunter Robert Malcolmson, who was bitten by a blue shark while fishing off the coast of west Cork last weekend.

Aran founder John Carmody writes:

Robert Malcolmson got off lightly and he’s lucky it wasn’t his whole arm that was severed.

While he will recover from his injuries, the lives of countless other living beings who are capable of feeling every bit as much pain are in his hands, but I hope they will no longer be in his sights.

As you reflect on this incident, we ask that you also give some thought to other living beings such as the interesting Blue Shark and smaller fish who feel pain just as you do.

Can you imagine how much they suffer when they curiously go up to your deceitful hook, latch painfully onto it, and sadly can’t let go.

I urge you to reconsider laying down your rod and instead work to protect these creatures who are in so much more trouble than you are at the minute.

If you wouldn’t hook a dog or cat, why do it to a shark.


Belfast angler bitten by shark back fishing again (Belfast Telegraph)

Pics: Twitter/Wikipedia

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11 thoughts on ““He Got Off Lightly”

  1. Hyman Roth

    instead of fishing the shark why doesnt he listen to him?
    i dont agree with industrial shark fishing such as the tonne of shark fins found in Irish waters yesterday its disgusting but the sports fishing of blue sharks is just fine and may even benefit the species. i am guessing there is little going on behind a sharks dead cold eyes. Also why have animal rights group made all animals infantile, like it was a curious baby and not in fact a deadly hunter

    1. George

      Instead of pulling a shark onto a boat why doesn’t he cop on and leave it alone. The coast guard and irish health service had to waste their resources helping this guy.

      1. gerald_g

        Maybe he should try landing some of the sharks in Dublin
        Especially the loan sharks and plenty of banks will also bite the arm off you for one of their new interest only mortgagees for the first 15 years to get you hooked for 30 years, then after 15 years the capital kicks in and you get kicked out because you cannot service the loan.
        Echoes of boom bust mentality

  2. Eoin C

    Are there any moderate animal rights groups out there, or are they all extremist. As in ones that aren’t against hobbies like fishing, that dont think we should all become vegan, and dont think animals should have the same rights as humans.

    It’d be nice to hear that viewpoint rather than some fringe people.

    1. Rob_G

      That Paul McCartney fellow seems reasonable: ‘hey it would be great if everyone became vegetarian, but that is a bit of an ask, so maybe just don’t eat meat one day a week – give it a try’.

  3. Jeffrey

    The fish are put back alive and the all “fish can feel pain” is still up for debate. Leave the man alone, go after Hunters, their target don’t make it back in the forest.

  4. reidman

    I’d be interested in hearing from some of the fish that this unbelievably insensitive shark eats every day, they have feelings too you know

  5. newsjustin

    “…he’s lucky it wasn’t his whole arm that was severed.”
    That’s not really true. Blue sharks tend not to have the size and/or power to chew through a human arm bone.

    “…Blue Shark and smaller fish who feel pain just as you do.”

    Here again, I’d love to see evidence that a Blue Shark or other fish feels pain as a human does.

    I have no sympathy for the fisherman. You buy your ticket, you take your chances. Well done to the fish, in fact. But animal rights emotspeople should try using factual information.

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