O’Rourke’s Drift


On his RTÉ Radio One show this morning, Seán O’Rourke managed to not ask Irish Independent editor Fionnan Sheahan about yesterday’s High Court decision yesterday to allow inspectors from the Office of the Director Corporate Enforcement into the paper’s parent company.

The bias.

It never stops.

Good times

Yesterday: An Inspector Calls

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20 thoughts on “O’Rourke’s Drift

  1. anne

    RTE are for the birds. They’re told what they can & can’t ask..

    Another thing, why does Fionnan looks like a bulldog chewing on a wasp constantly? It’s not very PR friendly. Smile Fionnan you crank.

    1. Giggidygoo

      Should have had Pat Kenny interview him…. oh wait, sure that would have been another flunkie.
      The amount of cowardice in the media is breath-taking.

  2. gerald_g

    I bet DOB has offloaded digicel shares onto the balance sheets
    I would say the balance books are pretty grim
    But good news he can liquidate the company leaving us the taxpayer to clean up his Caribbean mess

  3. realPolithicks

    This hardly comes as a shocker does it, O’Rourke is not a guy who will challenge the establishment ever.

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