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        1. Anomanomanom

          I’ve genuinely no clue what that show is about, I know its Brendan dressed up, but after that no clue.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            Basically Nigel dresses up as a woman and dances around his kitchen shouting ” Begorrah ” and ” Jaysus,the Tans lorded over us for 800 years “.
            Then he cracks open a warm can of Guinness,opens up his flies and reads the Bible.

          2. Nigel

            I am hailed as a comedy genius and when I harass women edgy men defend me as the unPC satirist the country needs, so I guess it does?

  1. Anomanomanom

    First off its comedy and does not have to be PC. Secondly he’s one of the most unfunny people I’ve ever seen. His Rte show was atrocious. And he’s silly in person as well.

      1. Anomanomanom

        It had few, very few funny sketches. Then he rants because it was cancelled, if it was that good Rte would have renewed it.

          1. Anomanomanom

            If its that what you think is edgy that’s fine but nothing in that show, to me,was even remotely edgy.

      2. gerald_g

        especially the sketch with the last priest found hiding in a sewer and so true
        the other is the publican

    1. Andrew

      I disagree with regard t his RTE show. I thought it was good.
      He may or may not be a nice person, I do not know. I have met him a few times and he was fine with men. He wouldn’t be the first comedian to be an unpleasant person.

      However if you start sanitising comedy, and to an extent this has already happened, you are left with what passes for comedy now.
      Anodyne, observational, dross. Trump jokes etc.

  2. GahBlahBlah

    I’ve seen him live more than once unfortunately. The bitterness just oozes from his every pore, despite the fact that I’m sure he had a leg up with those family connections… Most of his gigs were heavily about his hatred of women, I see that hasn’t changed!

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      So you’ve seen him live more than once ?
      Unfortunately ?
      Did you not have a choice after the first time ?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        he primarily performs on public streets, charger

        will I explain it or do you think you can manage?

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          ” Most of his gigs … ”
          Do you understand muppet ?
          Not busking.
          Eventually the lightbulb moment may happen.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            a gig = a performance

            on a street, in a club, in a stadium, wherever you like

            i even regard my performance in your late mothers mouth as a gig

        2. GahBlahBlah

          Thanks Barnabas, that was indeed part of it. However, another reason I refer to seeing him live more than once and “most of his gigs” is that myself and many of my friends are very into comedy and several are standups, so seeing him live has been unavoidable sometimes.

  3. Jimi

    I bought a ticket to see him 12 years ago, in Dublin last year i saw him again in London, Precisely the same show both times, not a new joke in the whole thing.

    Worse than being offensive, he’s just boring, and more than a little bit of hack

  4. living the dream , la

    Back to the usual consensus whingeing here after an hour of some honest home truths, politely stated

  5. nellyb

    he’s our Sacha baron cohen, they should team up to produce “Who Is {}” series and do one on Brexit Britain and EU states. Better even, Rubberbandits could join in to do a few episodes. It could be nuclear :-)

  6. Ian-O

    I noted in a Twitter post that someone mentioned how he used to attack the easy targets when he busked in Temple Bar and I can confirm that to be true. Was sitting in the square area around Merchants Arch waiting on a friend and noticed him, he wasn’t on anybodies radar back then but he was very poor and seemed to pick on girls in the main with smutty comments that weren’t in the least bit funny.

    Another FF condom break maybe?

    1. Joe Small

      Yep, he sang comments about having sex with a female friend as she passed through Temple Bar. Very sleazy and unpleasant..

      1. Freedom

        Every artist like this has a lot of fun playing with peoples conventions. It’s refreshing that he insults women and gets away with it more should do the same!

    2. Zero Fox

      Yeah, I remember seeing him busking in Temple Bar once years ago. I was passing by and there was a small crowd watching him.

      A young woman with a baby in a buggy was also passing and she had to divert in front of the crowd to get past. He began slagging her about being a single mother and even though she was visibly upset about it and clearly struggling to just get away quickly he kept making mean jokes about her. He seemed like a typical schoolyard bully and was approximately as unfunny.

      Fortunately, moments later a troubled man who seemed to be a drug addict took offence to something he said and stood in a threatening way about 6 inches from his face staring straight into his eyes until he eventually just packed up his guitar and moved on.

      So it was a pretty unpleasant thing to witness, but at least it had a happy ending of sorts.

    3. Djinn Genie

      Yes! He used to busk on the Fownes St side of the square and threw awful comments at me when I was clearly underage. One slagging me for wiggling my ass when I walked (upsetting for a shy, self-conscious teenager) and another saying I looked stuck-up and who did I think I was, both times when I was just hurrying past. Made me avoid the area!

      I’ve some friends who absolutely loathe him because they lived in the apartments on Temple Bar Square at the time and every Sunday they had to listen to him doing the EXACT same set from start to finish. The sole variation was which passers-by he chose to pick on – and even that was very predictable. He always targeted someone on their own. Woe betide anyone particularly large or small who had the temerity to walk past: he’d jeer and throw a comment to make a whole crowd laugh at you for being fat/skinny/tall/short. He especially loved to single out young women and slag them for their walk or looks or clothes. Nasty bully of a person who always punched down for a cheap laugh.

      It was years ago so I would have given him the benefit of the doubt now but, from these comments, it sounds like he’s still a raging misogynist.

      1. Frilly Keane

        That is shocking

        How the jaysus would any producer or promoter take a risk unless the show came with explicit warnings

        Some ah’ ye can call it comedy
        And Art

        Lemme tell ye
        Verbally harassing people on a public street is neither comedy or art

        I’d like t’ see the mangy coward pick on someone his own age and ilk
        I’d say he mightn’t find the outcome one bit funny himself

        Whatever he scripts and performs with a crew is one thing
        Standing on street corners picking on innocent passersby is sum’ting far more disturbing

        1. johnny

          he’s a bore,been emptying pubs/clubs for ages,a boring one trick pony,his alcoholism has clearly progressed,he needs get some help.

        2. Freedom

          I find the sloppy phrasing and poorly constructed pieces your ladyship composes a lot more loathsome and offensive

          1. johnny

            you can ‘discuss’ with bemused and alarmed patrons of Kehoes/Grogans/The Stags Head while out yer head on codeine/coke,the meaning of ‘life’ as they pull back,make excuses and leave you ranting ………or simply find a street corner and verbally assult,ambush passerby’s…..same level of ‘funny’ !

        1. newsjustin

          Jimmy Carr is funny, while also being risque. But, crucially, he’s also a very intelligent, thoughtful person who knows his business and balances being a nice guy with having a funny and close-to-the-bone act.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            Went through a sticky patch with his tax dodging though.
            That didn’t go down well with the Comedy Club crowd.,

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            The last time I saw him he crowbarred some topical Irish stuff in before settling back into his English-led stuff. That aside, it was excellent comedy.

        2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          I found his show tiring. Too many jokes per minute. I prefer the shaggy dog route.
          His book about comedy is excellent and his Desert Island Discs really interesting. His Mum used to give him a bottle with milky coffee in it when he was a toddler.

  7. Freedom

    Every artist like this has a lot of fun playing with peoples conventions. It’s refreshing that he insults women and gets away with it more should do the same!

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      I couldn’t give a monkey’s what he’s like in private.
      But he was one of the few genuinely funny Irish comedians on telly.
      Everyone else is too busy kissing the backsides of the wokes.

      1. Annon

        Don’t know anything about what he was like in private but as others have said being loathsome and attention seeking in public was part of his street act, and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way but some found it funny.

        Guess he thought he was Andy Kaufman or something.

  8. kerryview

    So all comics/comedians/artists should be nice and cosy like, say, Ronnie Corbett or Dara O’Briain ? Would you like to have had a few pints with Lenny Bruce or Richard Prior?
    David McSavage for all his ott fervour has certainly skewered some aspects of the Irish ‘establishment’ e.g. the church.
    Do I like him? I don’t know. I would watch him though – 90% expectation, 10% realisation.

  9. john f

    I can’t for the life the life of me understand people who complain about being offended after a live comedy show. They bought the tickets, McSavage was always harsh on the church, his TV show constantly showed young girls being abducted by priests. All of this was easily researchable!
    It seems to me that some people just have to complain about everything if you do not like a person just don’t go and see them, simples. In most cases when somebody blurts out “I’m offended” or I find that “deeply offensive” they are just out of ideas.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      I’ve been to the International a few times to see other people and he just showed up as a surprise bonus act beforehand, so it wasn’t like I had much of a choice. Each time I’ve seen him, he’s picked on a young woman in the audience and been an absolute creep to her. And on one occasion a massive racist. It was fupping offensive. And not remotely funny.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        In fairness, being funny is hardly a requirement for comedy these days… have ya seen the multi-award winning Hannah Gadsby’s Nannette….. not at all offensive mind but a veritable yawn fest….

        I’ve been in funnier yoga classes.

  10. phil

    If it helps , He did the same to me, as I was walking by he took the p out of the jumper I was wearing, suggesting my mother brought it for me. I was annoyed for a second, but then I remembered she did buy it for me , I then realised he wasnt trying to be funny he is just the kind of guy who like standing on the street observing and pointing out the obvious ….

    Thats why I loved the savage eye, very observational, very good …

    1. Lobster

      Big difference in teasing an adult about their clothing and making sexualised comments at underage girls though. Particularly as it sounds like it is/was a huge chunk of his act.

  11. Dub Spot

    I bet that Twitter whinger left her tent at EP.

    Like Avoca don’t take back used yurts, roysh?

    McSavage for President.

  12. Clampers Outside!

    Will she start reading the lyrics 9f all the bands who play…. some mad shih in songs I’m sure she’d be offended by too.

    Go home, you’re being selective in your outrage!

      1. Clampers Outside!

        And did she get a load of Stefflon Don at the Picnic :)

        I think the first words out of her mouth when she came on stage were…. “lick, pussy, lick, pussy, pussy, pussy!” …or something to that effect… no idea what the song was about… sex, I guess yeah… just that, probably, I didn’t hang around to find out. Not my cuppa… great hips tho :)

    1. Nigel

      She’s selecting the guy who, basically, sexually harassed her on a public street when she was fifteen and you’re whatabouting?

        1. Nigel

          What’s really amazing is how the sexual harassment of fifteen year old girls is regarded as acceptable to so many? Priorities are really out of whack.

  13. McVitty

    He’s the best comedian to hit Irish television since Dermot Morgan. Apart from his family, who gives a crap is he’s a nice person? I thought the people on broadsheet were into surreal relativism and fractals, which generally render you so helpless that judgement is dangerous…except maybe where destined enemies of the soft fascism of political correctness are concerned.

    You need David McSavage more than you know.

  14. Lilly

    First time I saw him was on the street busking when he started shouting after a man with a limp. Negative.

    Next time, I met him in a coffee shop with a friend, who knew him, and he began to belittle her in a way he’d probably describe as ‘only slagging’. Negative.

    Finally, the Savage Eye, spotty but hilarious in parts. (I hated the ‘quares’ barman). Positive.

    Conclusion: Would avoid in person but happy to catch on TV.

  15. Johnny Keenan

    When all the snowflakes have melted and the pc brigade have crashed into a wall of their own building McSavage will still be taking an artistic satirical and critical look at the Irish and all our foibles through the powerful art firm that is comedy.
    I met him a few times. I booked him 3 times. He doesn’t suffer fools and he is a sound guy. It never surprises me that punters judge a comedy routine like it’s someone talking at a bar. I suppose that’s why real artists are treated like scum in this country.
    The best comedy show ever is Savage Eye. Go back and look at them. Here is one for starters.

    1. Lilly

      You booked him 3 times. The charm offensive paid off so. He can channel his inner Ryan Tubridy at will.

    2. SOQ

      Pretty sure there is more than one ‘professional comedian’ posting on Broadsheet but here is the deal. Because you have nothing better to do, you sit around all day pretending to be this or that troll except nobody finds it funny.

      Probably the same as the performance of course.

    3. Nigel

      The powerful and satirical art form of sexually harassing a fifteen year old girl on a public street? We need more edgy and unPC sexual harassment of fifteen year old girls on public streets! How dare we treat people who do that like scum! When can we start treating people who do that like scum? Because giving them TV shows on the national broadcaster doesn’t seem like treating them like scum.

      1. Lobster

        Seriously. Really irritates me that people here are talking about this as if it is no big deal. Sounds to me like the guy has form for harassing women And female kids (15?!) As they pass on the street. You can find him funny, always a but tired and repetitive for my tastes but whatever, without defending that.

  16. lolly

    I’m still mildly traumatised by the seven or so jokes he managed to tell about me as I walked past an outdoor performance of his in Temple Bar. I’m male btw, I was dressed a little fancily that day which set him off. to be fair he was quite funny.
    anyone have a link to ‘that’ tape from the sugar club? I’ve been looking for it for years.

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