Stop that.

This morning/afternoon

The Galway Bay Hotel, County Galway.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael ministers, including Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy (pic 2),  and TDs gather for their party’s annual think-in.

If the wind changes…oh forget it.


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15 thoughts on “Gurning Man

    1. scottser

      ..and now us landlords are able to jack up the rent some more AND IT’S TAX FREE!!
      eating out of our hands lads, out of our hands!!

  1. Giggidygoo

    Yesterday it was Patschal with the inane grin, today it’s the (supposed) Prime Minister/Taoiseach. Sums them up. Bordering on illness. And this is what is let loose on the worldwide stage to represent us. My oh my.

    1. Joe Small

      1. Its definitely Taoiseach. No one calls him Prime Minister.
      2. He’s not the 2supposed” Taoiseach, he’s the actual Taoiseach until another one is chosen.

      1. Giggidygoo

        And he has an inane facial expression. Why would that be? Illness? Or just a gob thingy (that rhymes with”night”?)

  2. Ian-O

    I genuinely think Varadkar has a personality disorder.

    Harris, Murphy etc. are just idiots, but Varadkar seems to have one value, one belief and one ethic – himself.

    He will go in history as the leader who couldn’t lead.

    1. postmanpat

      Yeah, they don’t have the finger on the pulse of modern society like Sinn Fein do with the petty sectarianism and baby killing terrorist worshiping , bank robbing & its shady leadership structure, insular pre WW1 world view of national superiority.

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