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  1. SOQ


    TWENTY YEARS. Live, horse, and you’ll get grass. Use it or lose it, NOW. Start with James Gate, probably the biggest hoarder in Dublin. And as for Bridgefoot Street, who actually owns those vacant sites? There is at least four demolished blocks with nothing on them.

    Among the Dublin city centre zones are Grangegorman; Broadstone; O’Devaney Gardens; St Bricin’s Hospital; Infirmary Road; holdings by CIÉ, such as the rail works in Inchicore; St Teresa’s Gardens; Newmarket Square; Meath Hospital; Dublin Institute of Technology sites; Cathal Brugha Barracks; Harold’s Cross Greyhound Stadium and Portobello GAA pitch; the Irish Glass Bottle site; Bridgefoot Street; Arbour Hill prison; Collins Barracks; Boland’s Mills; the North Dock of Dublin Port; East Wall and St James’s Gate.

    1. Freedom

      Hard to imagine this is anything other than vote getting kids noises SOQ. I have little confidence in this

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    I see Druncker has been stirring the pot in Brussels again calling for majority votes on national taxes and bigging up the idea of a European army.
    They’re coming after the 12.5% Corporation Tax – once Ireland has served its purpose as an obedient lapdog in the Brexit negotiations.
    No voice of dissent from the cannon-fodder Irish MEPs so it was left to Nigel Farage to tell the EU what huge numbers of people across Europe think.

    1. ReproButina

      I see you forget that he says this regularly and Ireland has a veto on the tax so our corporate tax rate is safe.

        1. ReproButina

          Yeah yeah yeah. You’re constantly going on about how big bad Europe is going to get us, scaremongering which flies in the face of facts and reality. It’s all a bit pathetic really.

          1. ReproButina

            I know, I know. It just irritates me to see his anti-EU garbage sprayed across the site unaddressed but you’re right. Free yourself from your opponent’s force and all that.

          2. Rob_G

            Trolls only troll in order to get a response. This is literally a person who named themselves ‘Oliver Cromwell’ and adopted this ‘what ho, oldboy’ persona, and has stated several candidly on several occasions that he is only doing it to wind people like you up – the sooner you stop reacting, the sooner he will get tired of it and try out some other character.

          3. scottser

            i actually used to enjoy charger’s contributions but recently he’s far quicker to the insults and has started to throw in the odd 4chan pejorative. he’s giving his game away now and becoming a bit of a manchild, which is a shame because as brexit nears its ugly conclusion it’s always good to have another perspective on the debate, no matter how tongue-in-cheek.

          4. Ollie Cromwell

            You have to laugh.
            The EU president makes a major speech in Brussels calling for more European sovereignty,a change in voting on tax rules and the formation of a European army and rather than debate these things which are incredibly important to Ireland the children of Generation Gormless on here put their fingers in their ears and shout ” Troll. “

          5. Nigel

            Trolls also troll to bully other points of view off the stage and to validate lies and establish narratives through sheer belligerent repeition. He doesn’t want discussion. Why else would he crow about getting responses to his comments as a victory in such a nakedly obnoxious way? The obnoxiousness is there to defuse and deflect substantive debate while acting as a delivery system for spin and propaganda. Respond or don’t respond, he ‘wins’ either way. It’s not your or my or anyone else’s responsibilty to ‘beat’ him. It’s his aim to take the fun and interest out of discussion and debate through tedious bad-faith dominance games. It’s up to the site owners to allow his behaviour, not his opinions necessarily, to affect the nature of the comments here, or take action.

            TLDR: DNFTFT is no longer a viable default. But try not to see it as your problem.

          6. Ollie Cromwell

            You want to know how great Lady Thatcher was ?
            Well apart from taking back the Falklands with a magnificent campaign,abolishing the trade unions restrictive practices and undemocratic hold on government,closing down the moribund coal industry,re-tooling the British economy and forcing the country to live within its means she also had Haughey marked out as a fraudster and liar when the Irish thought the sun shone out of his well-upholstered backside.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    More #DespiteBrexit news …
    Britain got another Green Brexit boost as automotive giants announced £500m worth of zero emissions investment this week. The investments will create over 1,000 jobs across the UK in the electric vehicle sector.
    Iconic British manufacturer Aston Martin announced that they would be investing an extra £50m in their new South Wales plant, creating another 200 new jobs, while Black Cab manufacturer LEVC will be trialling electric technology with the Police and Fire Brigade.

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