12 thoughts on “Regulators, Mount Up!

    1. ivan

      total aside but in my head there was a version of that song released that had Michael McDonnell singing the ‘I keep forgettin’ bit but I can’t find any such version online. I know the song was built on the riff from the song but was there a version with him singing. Obvs Warren/Nate were on the track as well?

      Sorry for the random aside.

      As you were.

        1. ivan


          That one.

          Thanks Bert. I’ve spent years thinking the internet was gaslighting me. Jammin Remix; who’d’ve thunk it

  1. kellMA

    And here was me thinking it was a follow up to Repeal to urge the Government to get moving on the legislation…

  2. McVitty

    Regulate landlords and housing standards, regulate political donations, regulate state monopolies, regulate google/facebook/twitter, regulate the govt budgeting (six-pack compliance), regulate the banks and lenders, regulate medical practice and the health service, regulate the gardai, regulate teaching and schooling standards, regulate military use of Shannon airport, regulate illegal entry to Ireland, regulate the advertsing of alcoholic products, regulate sugar-based drinks and carcinogenic consumables, regulate illegal dumping/turf cutting/kelp farming and other environment abuses…anything else?

    But never forget, one man’s idealist is another man’s authoritarian….even if his intentions are good.

    2,1,3,2 regulate…

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