Staying In Tonight?


Summer’s over.

Balls Ah well.

Why not sit back and get heavily drunk join Broadsheet on the Telly streaming LIVE above and on our YouTube channel at 10pm?

Two hours of quality chat involving old friends, surprise guests and domestic pets will kick off Broadsheet on the Telly‘s Autumn/Winter season.

Matters under discussion to include the Take Back the City eviction, the Presidency, Cervicalcheck, a Tuam Mother and Baby update plus bitter rival slots: Marcel’s buke club and Neil’s movies of the week.

Salty language expected throughout.


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6 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

        1. Frilly Keane

          is there even half a dozen Councillor Blueshurts on DCC Clamps
          Shinners and Non-Party Alliances must have about 50 seats between them

          anyway it didn’t stop her
          or Broadsheet retweeting it

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