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    1. jon

      45 million children living in the UK living in poverty
      Seems quite shocking until one sees only 65 million humans live in the UK
      And that would mean there would be around 12 million roughly
      More scaremongering

      1. Mickey Twopints

        You’re not making sense.

        From the summary report:


        “14.2 million people in the UK population are in poverty: 8.4 million working-age adults;
        4.5 million children; and 1.4 million pension age adults.

        2.1% of the total UK population (7. 7 million people) live in persistent poverty,
        (over half of those who appear in our new in poverty measure). This means that more
        than one in ten of the UK population are in persistent poverty.

        More than six in ten working-age adults and children who live in families more
        than 10% below the poverty line, are also in persistent poverty. For those less
        than 10% below the poverty line, the figure is four in ten.

        Of the 14.2 million people in poverty, nearly half, 6.9 million (48.3%) are living
        in families with a disabled person.

        Far fewer pensioners are living in poverty than previous measures suggested. Poverty
        rates amongst pension-age adults have also nearly halved since 2001 (falling from 20.8%
        in 2001 to 11.4% in 2017).

        The majority (68%) of people living in workless families are in poverty. This compares
        to just 9% for people living in families where all adults work full time.

        Around 2.7 million people are less than 10% below the poverty line, meaning that
        relatively small changes in their circumstances could mean that they move above it.

        There are 2.5 million people in the UK who are less than 10% above the poverty line.
        Relatively small changes in their circumstances could mean they fall below it.

        There is a “resilience gap” between those in poverty and those not in poverty.
        Across a wide range of factors that impact upon families’ lives, there are measurable
        and significant differences between these two groups.”

  1. jon

    Love the article stating if banks have to pay tax on their profits the consumer will suffer
    I just wonder if we all do not pay taxes maybe the consumer will not suffer
    And the media want us to take them seriously
    If I had my way bankers would all be cattle prodded to a boat and set adrift into the Atlantic
    I just miss our old currency the punt which did rhyme with bank manager

      1. jon

        papi you excel’ yourself
        So papi thinks banks should be able to write off all the losses they ran up and this is after they got bailed out with taxpayers money
        Maybe papi also cannot cop the joke at the end
        And ever heard of cockney slang
        Merchant banker?
        And papi this is not aimed at you

  2. CoderNerd

    So according to the Times, 5 protesters are charged with assault on Gardai. Evidence please, not just “witness accounts”.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Total joke… it’s really annoying that there is no critical analysis of the statements from the Guards.

    1. Topsy

      Perhaps the gardai will get a few of the force who gave “inaccurate” evidence at the jobstown trial to take the stand. No problem then.

    2. jon

      They cannot identify the witnesses
      They were wearing balaclava’s .(sorrry heat resistant protection) but sadly the garda budget could not afford the helmets
      Apparently drew Harris has now ensured the B specials have the gear they need for the job they have to do

  3. SOQ

    What does a high tech border solution even mean? Either there is to be physical border checks or there isn’t. It sounds like a fudge to get over the impasse, time will tell.

    1. Giggidygoo

      And how hi-tech can it get to stop people going north to buy alcohol (wine / beer at half the price in NI)?

      This ‘trusted trader’ / barcoding of trailers is pie in the sky talk. For example, many trailers have ‘groupage’ goods (many different consignments) on board. It’s feasible that a double deck trailer could have 48 different consignments on. Most may be Ireland to UK goods. There could be some other European country goods, but in addition there could be some goods that arrived in Dublin from the Far East or US etc. Those ones, at the moment, can be cleared easily. However they will cause problems once Brexit takes hold.

      Additionally, anything going to or coming from the UK will incur customs clearance charges, as some form of customs entry will have to be made. Currently an export SAD costs anything between €15 and €45 per consignment, and an import clearance €35 to €70 per consignment. And in the case of the ‘groupage’ trailers mentioned above, if one consignment is called for examination by Customs, the complete trailer is delayed. Unless of course the transport company has a customs bonded warehouse – which most don’t. Most do estimates transport companies don’t have experience of customs formalities either.

      1. SOQ

        The problem is that half of the north and half of the south (roughly) already regard NI and ROI as being one country.

        There will be more fiddles than in an orchestra and that is just legitimate business trying to stay afloat.

    2. jon

      Bar codes and scanners
      Maybe she is talking about trusting smugglers will not smuggle traffickers will not traffic
      And people will avail of a eflow type system
      Sadly criminals will not play the game
      Its a hard border lads
      This is the reality
      It cannot be avoided
      So if the EU play hardball with the UK which they are doing
      They will ruin our country

      1. ReproButina

        Perhaps if the UK had remembered the existence of Northern Ireland before engaging in this political farce, or even come up with a half workable solution instead of trying the same rejected fantasy again and again the EU would be more amendable.

        The fault for this situation, and any downside from the fallout, lies 100% at the door of the UK electorate and the lunatic fringe stumbling towards Sasamach.

        1. Nigel

          I think it’s hilarious that a political movement supposedly abut taking back control of borders completely forgot about ts only land border.

          1. ReproButina

            One of their land borders. The people of Gibraltar, where 96% voted remain, are facing an even bigger disaster. It would suit Spain for the UK to cut Gibraltar off from the EU so, unlike NI, there’s no clause in the Sasamach negotiations to keep that border open.

          2. Cian

            One of these borders is almost 500 KM long; the other is 1.2 KM long.
            One has a population of 1,800,000; the other 35,000.

          3. ReproButina

            What difference does that make Cian? A hard border on either will have massive implications on people who voted to stay within the EU. The Sasamachs didn’t give them a second thought when they went charging forward to a golden past that never existed. Then they threatened war with Spain when the reality hit them and they play the ostrich about the border in Ireland with their ridiculous technology fairy tale while playing down the cross border trade and traffic.

        2. jon

          They did
          There is more to the UK than London and northern Ireland
          Its those who voted out who carried the vote
          All UK citizens
          Lets say the rust belts of the UK carried the vote
          Bertie the day after the result was declared
          I had a group of English city types having lunch in my pub
          They were 20s stock brokers in the city
          They were calling all that voted out traitors
          I asked them how did they vote
          They stated they thought the vote would be remain and had a trip booked to Ireland and decided their vote did not matter because it was a no brainer
          Just accept it and the UK is a sovereign nation and we too must fight for our position not play ball

          1. ReproButina

            They did what? They did consider NI? They did discuss the implications of Sasamach on NI? Because if that’s what you’re saying you are 100% wrong.

            Ireland are not playing ball. Ireland is fighting to save the economy and trade across the entire island and, thankfully, we have the EU backing us up on that.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    I’ve been telling you the border question will be fudged since last year but you wouldn’t listen ..

    1. jon

      Not long to go now Ollie before I am barred again
      You see no one wants to know
      Like lemmings they march towards a cliff followed by the likes of Bertie who keep their heads buried in the sand living full of the wishful thinking of life
      The only way forward is no border and that means on the island of Ireland with a special status between the UK and Ireland, where the UK are not penalised,
      But the EU will not allow this
      As for the GFA
      I cannot see where north and south can be unified when the north is out of the EU and the south is in
      And lets face it the UK will not allow part of its union being given away
      And you only have to cast your mind back to the Falklands to see what happened when Argentina decided they wanted their disputed Malvinas’ back
      The north are part of the UK and look at the political leadership like two petulant spoilt brats
      And one of those kids want to be in power in the republic and want to propose their parties candidate for president
      You just could not make it up
      A complete farce

    2. jon

      Poor Bertie
      And listening to le guard from de EU threatening the Brits with decimation
      Just wonder what the French owners of the euro tunnel are thinking as their shares are headed to junk status as the EU plays hard ball

    3. scottser

      bet you had a chuckle at boris having a pop at may over the NI backstop, forgetting no doubt that he championed it while in cabinet for 7 months.
      this brexit is such a lark, eh?

      1. jon

        No chuckes just dread that our country is decimated
        My gripe is that we are being sold down the road by our political elite that allowed us to be raped after crash
        Iceland had balls to fight for their country
        Our leadership displayed the mentality of saving only one sector of our country at the expense of the other
        And its these that screwed us we put our faith in
        And each few days I am banned for my views because it dose not suit

        In all honesty history has proved no country hands over part of their nation because others want it
        A hard border will be on Ireland if allowed
        The Brits will not cede northern Ireland to the EU

  5. Ollie Cromwell

    Let’s hear it one more time – the EU is not going to let a poxy border used mainly by farmers transporting slurry to come in the way of a deal.

      1. jon

        you hope the UK are like Ireland
        If the result dose not fit government agenda keep running it why would the UK have another referendum ?
        About the border on our island

        The last time Germany decoded they wanted pieces of sovereign nations we had WW2
        You actually think the UK will hand over part of the UK to Europe
        Not a chance bar invasion by EU or will they force our army to invade northern ireland

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    It’s amazing that after two years of being told there are perfectly good technical ways of policing the Irish border without checkpoints the EU has finally decided to investigate the practicality of it.
    It’s even more amazing that there are witless numbskulls on here who believe the EU has Ireland’s best interests at heart.
    I mean really unbelievably witless if they can’t remember how the EU has treated Ireland with contempt – forced to vote again in a second referendum and having its economic policy checked by Germany before being announced.
    The EU owned Ireland decades ago.

    1. jon

      Ollie there is no way they will do this
      Publicly they will try and cod us all they are being reasonable but in private its shaft the UK and in turn we get shafted
      So far we have seen every thing brought to the table by the UK has been seen as unacceptable
      Notice comments by le guard de IMF bird
      I honestly think the UK will have no deal and will leave as such

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