From 0 To 68 To 190-Plus


Former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald; Terry Prone, of the Communications Clinic

Last night.

Journalist, director with Right To Know and Dublin Institute of Technology lecturer Ken Foxe tweeted that he had received word back from the Department of Justice yesterday.

This follows his attempts to obtain records of correspondence between the former Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and PR advisor Terry Prone between May 8, 2014 and March 11, 2017 – a time when Ms Prone was also advising the then Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan.

Mr Foxe had initially been told there were no such records.

After appealing the matter to the Office of the Information Commissioner, the OIC discovered 68 such records of correspondence.

Last night, Mr Foxe said the Department of Justice informed him there were more than 190 such records.

He has yet to receive the documents.

But last night, Mr Foxe explained:

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3 thoughts on “From 0 To 68 To 190-Plus

  1. anne

    Who came up with the tactic to discredit McCabe? Making up bullsh*t about him saying his motives were for revenge? Is that in there, no? Is gmail included in this search? Apparently we don’t want to snoop & all that, it’d be rude, as they might just be having the lols really.. wasn’t that the gist of the original FOI request response? “in the post” would have been a better response in fairness.

    Let’s be clear here, The Communications clinic have been paid a lot of money from the Irish Taxpayer, & there are very likely the cause of the cost of a lot of money to the Irish Taxpayer. How much is the latest inquiry costing us? They have left the Gardai’s reputation in tatters. Are we getting our money back? What’s their refund policy?

    Pity about that recording McCabe had all the same. That wasn’t factored into the strategy at all was it? Ye corrupt shower of miserable swines.. whoever came up with it.

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