Mid-Morning Presidential Matters



Recorded LIVE earlier this morning.

Gemma O’Doherty (top right) discusses her bid for a nomination to contest the Presidency of Ireland. PLUS Artist Kevin Sharkey (top left) on why he pulled out.

Update: Kevin, who could not join us due to technical difficulties, will be with us LIVE tomorrow at 10am.

96 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Presidential Matters

  1. Finbar Markey

    The only link I see is an incomplete You tube link address that does not link to anything. I hope you can get this sorted soon.

  2. Mango

    I have watched your campaign closely – and the issues you raise are valid – however, the thing I have seen lately you posted on youtube about Kate and Gerry McCann is quite disturbing. can you clarify why you did this and what relevance it has, and what proof you have of something regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann please?

    1. Jeffrey

      The thing? GoD raised some discrepancies in the investigation as journalists do. She pointed out some possible links between people who may or may not know each other. Can you be more precise on the “thing”?

      1. Mango

        You can read below, as I explained what I meant by “the thing”…Gemma would know and it was her I was addressing, seeing as she posted the video up.

  3. Mango

    Disappointed you didn’t ask Gemma about her Youtube videos about the McCanna, you obviously have your mind made up to censor your interviews with her, doing exactly what she’s criticising the government of….

      1. Mango

        It has a lot to do with everything….would you like your president posting up conspiracy theory videos with no truth or proof backing them up? I have a lot of interest in Gemma’s anti corruption stance which has merit – but to me the videos she posted about the McCanns is the stuff of loonies…. and not a very presidential thing to do – so kindly troll off yourself – idiot.

        1. Jeffrey

          So when do genuine questioning of evens ends and conspiracy theories starts Mango? Who decides which is which? Coming from an investigative journalist like GoD I would tend to do for the former. Your assumptions however I would put in the latter category. See how it works?

          1. Mango

            Jeffrey…don’t even pretend that posting up cookie videos on YT is serious investigative journalism, without full reasoning why and some proof maybe….proof, there’s no real need for it any more, is there, so long as you can add 2 and 2 and come up with 19…Jesuz wept.

          2. Mango

            You will take her analysis over me, a complete stranger, who’s saying that making thinly veiled insinuations that parents did away with their own child when she has as much evidence as you or I, is not acceptable, and not someone I want as a president. Fine. that’s perfectly fine. I don’t think it’s ok though, and I am entitled to make my point here as much as her blinkered followers are. I just want her to account for all the stuff she’s posted up in the past though, I don’t just sit and believe anyone just because they have the name journalist.

          3. jusayinlike

            But you don’t have to believe her,

            Giancarlo Amoral, the original detective on the case, he would know more than all of us.. why did he get a libel case overturned brought against him by the McCanns in relation to a book he wrote detailing their alleged guilt?

    1. Johnny Keenan

      This is about an Irish presidential election and how corruption is rife in county councils when it comes to
      obstructing Gemma’s nomination.

      There is plenty of docs on line re Madeline McCann. That’s a clear case if you do any amount of research.

      In relation to this thread I would like to know

      Offaly Fianna Fáil said they were supporting Sean Gallagher because of Gallagher’s family connections. His mother comes from Offaly.

      Can you ask Gemma about Offaly CC refusing to nominate a candidate. After all the work she has done on unsolved murders in Offaly including the murder of Fr Niall Molloy.

      1. Mango

        I don’t care what other lunatics post up about the disappearance of that child – if it’s true why has no one charged anyone and where is the proof? And I have done a lot of reading on it you’re not the only one who reads books and stuff. I want to know why a hopeful candidate for president thinks it’s perfectly sane to post up “body language” videos she interprets as Gerry McCann hiding stuff about his missing child (which is all she can be insinuating) – what gives her the right and privilege to do that? You don’t think this is relevant to her presidential campaign? Are you nuts? these issues are very important – I would have supported Gemma until I saw this carry on, online, and I’d like her to address why she did it.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Obstructing her nomination? They’re voting for other candidates! If she gets on the ballot and fails to be elected, is that the voters obstructing her Presidency?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Dublin also refused to nominate. Maybe councils aren’t happy with the calibre of candidates presenting themselves. Bunty would be a better nominee TBH.

          1. Joe Small

            Dublin City Council have Sinn Féin as the biggest party. They’ll hardly give anyone else a leg up. To the best of my knowledge, no Sinn Féin councillor has voted to endorse any other candidate.

        2. Jeffrey

          Its not whats happening now that the “main” candidates have their nominations. Now where GoD is alone as candidate for nomination, they vote and no nomination happens.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            She’s not the lone remaining candidate. John Groarke, Maria Goretti Moylan and Peter Casey are still looking for nominations, as is Bunty Twuntington McFluff who I’d pick over GO’D any day of the week!

          2. Jeffrey

            You arent following this correctly. She was lone candidate in Kilkenny for instance:

            “In Kilkenny County Council, a motion to nominate Ms O’Doherty was defeated on Monday.

            She was proposed by Cllr Breda Gardner (Independent) and her motion was seconded by Cllr David Kennedy (Sinn Féin). Cllr Seán Tyrrell (Sinn Féin), Cllr Melissa O Neill (Ind) and Cllr Tomás Breathnach (Labour) all supported the motion. Eleven members abstained from the vote while seven members voted against the motion. Cllr Gardner told members that she believed that Ms O Doherty “deserves to be on the ballot paper”.


          3. ReproButina

            So 11 voted against her and, as there were no other candidates, Kilkenny didn’t nominate anyone.

            That’s the process, not corruption.

      3. ReproButina

        “corruption is rife in county councils when it comes to obstructing Gemma’s nomination.”

        Not getting what you want is not evidence of either obstruction or corruption.

      4. Rep

        “how corruption is rife in county councils when it comes to obstructing Gemma’s nomination.”

        Could you expand on this please? What corruption exactly?

        1. Jeffrey

          Watch the video. She explains how she has been put forward by SF and IND TDs as SOLE candidate and then magically other TDs, on the day, decide that they wont nominate anyone. You really have to ask, what are they afraid of?

  4. Optimus Grime

    I really do try to like Gemma’s stance but the bang of Alex Jones off some of her theories is unreal..

      1. Optimus Grime

        State collusion in the murder of Veronica Guerin does not strike you as a bit desperate Johnny? While absence of evidence is not evidence of absence sadly evidence is a foundation for many’s a theory.

      2. Optimus Grime

        You’d just worry that President Doherty would meet President Trump and ask him about Area 52 and when he goes to correct her she says he is obviously trying to cover up the existence of Area 52!

        1. johnny

          Regarding Area 52……

          “But for the FBI to get involved that quick and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on up there,” he added. “There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.”

          From there, it was off to the races. Combine the FBI, a powerful telescope and a location in rural Sunspot, N.M., and you’ve got all the ingredients for some rampant speculation — government surveillance, aliens, etc.”


  5. Catherine costelloe

    Julia Walsh & Bob Shanahan in Limerick are adamant their “missing person” sons , Desmond & Aangus are murder victims with good reason. It’s taken 20 years to upgrade Deirdre Jacobs to kidnap/murder victim. Her loving Dad was spot on in saying “It’s not good enough”. Statistics show over 2000 long term “missing” in the Republic and the reality is replace “missing” with “murdered” in dozens upon dozens of these cases.

  6. Anne

    Sharkey didn’t get nominated due to his completely ridiculous views and proposals. No conspiracy there. Same with Gemma. She doesn’t come across as fit to be president = no nominations. as someone who had heard of her prior to this as a good investigative journalist my opinion has been totally turned. I have seen bizzare rants on Twitter, conspiracy theories about the Mc canns and Veronica guierin and lashing out left right and centre about how she is being oppressed. It has undermined any good she has done in journalism prior to this and I wouldn’t vote for her. The sooner the deadline passes the better and maybe she can go back to doing what she seems to be good at re journalism.

    1. Mango

      What frustrates me is, initially I thought she was a good candidate and a runner. But she ignores valid questions about stuff that she has expressed her opinions on. She just cuts people short saying that she won’t discuss things that are not part of her manifesto. surely your prior work is also part of who you are Gemma? That is all I am looking for – the 100% accurate full picture, not just the parts she wants to talk about and disregarding the rest as if it’s not important. Bit disappointing, if she could address these things it might help her cause. It’s not clear and it’s confusing.

        1. Mango

          If you have any links of her putting forward proof about her beliefs on the McCann case feel free to post them up (apart from mere speculation, which is what I have already seen), you seem to be very much knowledgable so I will bow to your knowledge once you can provide some evidence.

          1. Jeffrey

            What are you on about? She doesnt have to post proof of anything, she is presenting information not “making assumptions”. She is questioning the investigations and why some leads are not being followed up. You may want to review your entire concept of conspiracy theories versus a journalist asking questions through a a video media.

        2. Ronan

          It’s always the same with merchants of woo,
          “The videos/evidence/research are all online if you care to educate yourself”

          In other words, I believe X, I have no burden of proof, and I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears now and sing la la la.

          The burden of proof is not on Mango, he/she is not looking for election to high office.

          1. jusayinlike

            @ mongo..

            Why did Gerry McCann contact Gordon Brown before he rang the Portuguese police?

            Why were the McCann’s named suspects?

            After being released by the police why did they flee inspite of their claims that their child was still missing?

            Why did the cadaver dogs signal for the signs of a corpse having been present in the children’s bedroom, the family car, Kate McCann’ clothes?

            Can you explain how Giancarlo Amoral has overturned a libel action brought by the McCanns?

          2. Mango

            None of your answers in relation to your speculation about the McCanns matters, what does matter is how it’s reported, what is being reported and where is the evidence to report it, not just posting random videos and tweets. so why so defensive about being asked what was being said and where is the evidence to say it? We can all sit there saying this happened therefore that must have happened. it doesn’t make it true, Jesus.

          3. jusayinlike

            @ mongo

            That’s not speculation, all those questions relate to actual incidence’, you can’t answer because you actually don’t know what you’re talking about. Your using a theory with actual legs to try and abnormalise her. You’re using sock accounts (Anne) to try drum up a herd mentality in an attempt to make your point seem more popular.

        1. Mango

          Funny you accusing me of having a second account like…when you and another extremely abusive user, who’s comments got deleted earlier for abusing me, are the only ones calling me Mongo. your paranoia is also hilarious, no wonder you’re living on here like. Yes of course I am Anne, and I am everyone else who disagrees with you. I am all the bad people jusayinlike, all of them….coming for youooooooooo, wha wha

        2. Mango

          You utter child, discussions are two way, it isn’t some battle where there’s winners and losers, this is probably your whole life, you sad little person.

          1. jusayinlike

            The only one who has stopped discussing is you.

            I have addressed the reason why Gemma as a journalist saw reasonable doubt in the narrative made by the McCanns, I have detailed some of those points for you to counter. You aren’t able to counter them and instead insinuate that I am somehow unhinged.

            When you’re finished digressing with imaginary outrage, can you address the points I raised above.

            If not I’m afraid one can only opine that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            If this continues you can be perceived to be a charlatan.

  7. Mango

    Frist you say she has answered the concerns people have about her posting stuff up, then you say she doesn’t have to – which is it Jeffrey, you seem more confused than me. If she wants to be president it’s entirely up to her to explain her rants online that have no facts to back them up, end of story.

    1. Jeffrey

      You are utterly confused friend. My response on her answering concerns was not about the McCann stuff as this was not mentioned by everyone – it was about the Anti-vaxx, anti-trans, VG topic and a few more. You are the first to bring this up but here, climb aboard the Band Wagon, its getting full but still some room for one! Also the concept of questioning to get to the facts escapes you still I see.

      1. Mango

        There seems to be plenty to bring up Jeffrey. There are channels for bringing things up to get to the facts (as you cal them, I haven’t seen any facts mind you, just mere speculation) and as I have said and will keep saying, a presidential candidate posting YT videos of no great content or context about a case she wasn’t even part of, is confusing, yes it is, so I will give you your first comment, you are granted that much. PS – your response was directly under my question about the McCanns also ….so it looks like you are answering me.

        1. jusayinlike

          @ mongo,

          Why were the McCann’s announced as official suspects by the police?

          Why did they and their friends change their story 10 times before being named suspects?

          Can you explain how Robert Murat was somehow working as a liason with the police was also a friend of Gerry McCann, and Martin Brunt if sky news? Care to explain why he was named as a suspect?

          Can you explain the odious connection with paedophile Clement Freund?

  8. phil

    Plenty of commentary about how some of the presidential dont understand the job, but it seems clear to me that many commentators don’t understand the roll of investigative journalists….

    1. Mango

      Nowhere have I ever heard that the role of an investigative journalist is to rehash what armchair detectives post up on YT.

        1. Mango

          I didn’t say there weren’t discrepancies in the Madeleine McCann case, but that’s also a far cry from alluding to their guilt in the case. This artical is certainly better than posting a YT video of the McCanns answering a question about cadaver dogs….what parent would not react in horror or anger as though they’re being accuse live on air of killing their child, which is what the reporter did, that makes them guilty? According to Gemma it would seem so, and I just don’t accept that as a given, pardon me for questioning, but isn’t this what you#re all shouting about the right to do in the first place? If my child disappeared and someone asked me a loaded question like that I’d rip their head off, you’d kill for your kids.

          As she says in the article herself, there’s many an armchair detective in YT posting up videos speculating about it, but in turn she’s just turned herself into “just another armchair detective” by jumping on that bandwagon. Surely a serious investigative journalist as many of you all keep referring to her as, has better channels with which to convey the facts.

          1. jusayinlike

            Why did the McCann’ leave Portugal when they were released from the suspect status, when their child was still allegedly missing?

            Is that what you would do if you were in that position?

            You mention cadaver dogs, why did they detect odours of a corpse in the family vehicle, the children’s bedroom and Kate McCann’ clothes?

          2. jusayinlike

            I also urge you to remain composed if at all possible, your previous comment was deleted because you made a swipe about someone else’s mental health which is heavily moderated by broadsheet.

            Keep it clean.

          3. phil

            Investigative journalists invariably end up investigating stories where its hard to get at the truth , its usually hard to get at the truth because someone is obscuring it , there tends to be a lot of howling from certain quarters once the stories are published, usually from 2 sides, those who want the story exposed, and those who dont… Enemies can be made..

            IMO the rise of the unskilled Conspiracy theorist on the internet has done great damage to journalists …

        2. Mango

          That’s a very good point, and it’s a pleasure having an argument with someone who comes back with intelligence. And I agree, and, this is where I think she’s damaged her own campaign. Most people can’t differentiate between the journalist and the nut case, when they’re both using the same media. Thank you for discussing this rationally with me unlike a lot of other howlers on this site. I have no interest in a hate campaign on O’D….I just want to get to the bottom of where she’s coming from as I think she’s naive at best, possibly silly at worst. But I do think this is a wake up call and for that I applaud (most of) her work.

  9. johnny

    Thanks Broadsheet,great interview and a wonderful and welcome platform for candidates,Gemma came across very well and make some excellent points.

  10. SOQ

    I have been around this site for quite a while and never seen mango before. Maybe he or she has been contributing as a commentator but not to any notable extent, at least not to me. And now here we are, mango taking a lot of time to do Gemma down from as many angles as possible, on a live broadcast.

    I don’t give two flucks about her twitter feed or her YT channel. It will be an absolute abuse of democracy if she doesn’t get through to the next round. Nobody is demanding that she wins, just that she is allowed on the ticket.

    1. millie st murderlark

      The public are shortsighted like that unfortunately. I think some of the questions are definitely valid, and she should answer them if it’s something that’s hindering her campaign. I think it’s a case of her being blocked from some quarters who’d rather not see her in the Aras, but I think a lot of on-the-fence voters would probably like to see her answering some of those questions.

    2. Mango

      Only seeing this today. It is my first time and the reasons I came on are because I already asked her on her Facebook account. I had begun to be interested in trying to get her nominated, even emailed South Dublin county council asking them to back her if they could be at all swayed. The I saw the Madeleine McCann stuff and something in me triggered alarm bells. My points which were deliberately misconstrued by the user above who I’ve stopped engaging with because they’re obviously unhinged, were not that there was no mystery or question marks over the McCann case, rather that, as a serious journalist, she should have used other options available and not used Youtube, mimicking others who are just out there and have no idea what they’re talking about. There are real detectives on the planet for a reason.

      I ‘ve been accused of double accounting also and I did not, would not, ask the administrator if the IP’s are the same and they will not be, I haven’t the time nor the inkling. This issue is not that important to me that I would be obsessively jumping down anyone’s throat, but I see there are some nasties here who do…and who seem unhinged to me, so I won’t even engage with them. I wanted her to answer, she has ignored all questions, she’s not doing herself any favours and I hope she gets nominated, if only so she can answer the questions properly.

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