“Irresponsible Stunt”


Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy and Minister for state Catherine Byrne

This morning.

Ahead of a no-confidence motion in housing minister Eoghan Murphy, tabled by Sinn Féin…

Mr Murphy said the no-confidence motion is nothing more than an “irresponsible stunt”.

The motion of no confidence, he said, will do nothing for those in need.

Mr Murphy said he hopes to speak with [Dublin South Central Fine Gael TD and Minister of State] Catherine Byrne this afternoon about “genuine concerns she has for her constituents“.

He added he hoped she would not be pulled into “Sinn Féin’s stunt.”

Vote will put pressure on Govt to accept policies are failing – Sinn Féin (RTÉ)


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17 thoughts on ““Irresponsible Stunt”

  1. dav

    posh boy doesn’t understand the term “concern for constituents”, his vulture fund mates seem soo happy all the time..

      1. Leith Chegwin

        It’s classic red herring trolling,m no one calls him “posh boy” or whatever they made up to distract from his inability to do his job.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    He is an irresponsible stunt alright. I presume FFFG will go the usual route to defeat this by creating a voting pact or a confidence motion. That’s how we do things here in Ireland, circle the wagons, keep the waster in their job, wasting time and money just long enough for the old cabinet re-shuffle.

    1. Cian

      Too right. We should take a leaf out of the NI book, and any time there is a problem – all the TDs just down tools for 20+ months.
      Or deal with the problem, and move on.

      1. giggidygoo

        Except, as you well know, the cash for ash scandal which brought that to a halt is being addressed as we write here.
        Not similar. But to a FG apologist, anything is fair game.

        I wonder has Catherine stopped looking in people’s trollies?

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