This afternoon.

Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2

Pro-choice activists gather to announce the theme of the 7th annual ‘March for Choic’e this Saturday, September 29 in Dublin city centre.

Activist will rally under the banner ‘Free, Safe, Legal’ and call for “stigma-free abortion access for anyone who wants or needs one, regardless of their financial or legal status”.

second pic from left: Clare Daly TD, Dr Paola Rivetti, Migrants and Ethnic Minorities for Reproductive Justice (MERJ), Dr Mary Favier Doctor for Choice, Gearóidín McEvoy  Lawyers for Choice, and Cathie Shiels.

March for Choice (Abortion Rights Campaign)

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

31 thoughts on “Not Over Yet

    1. pedeyw

      I don’t care much for the 3 day thing but no legislation has been passed yet and the also the North needs our support.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The 8th has been repealed, but that doesn’t mean abortion is legal. We’ll march until we have legislation in place to secure free, safe, legal abortions for those who need them without putting unnecessary roadblocks or unrealistic restrictions in the way.

        1. Cian

          I agree – Why should it be free?

          €100 for doctor + prescription is a hell of a lot less than a baby (or a trip to UK).

          If you have a medical card – it would be included.

          Saying that, I support the march to get secure, safe, legal abortions for those who need them without putting unnecessary roadblocks or unrealistic restrictions in the way.

      1. Optimus Grime

        Yeah this was my problem with the amendment in the first place. The language “Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy” did not place a timeframe on the government to put it in place I just fear it will become a political football. Still why should it be free and why should the 3 day waiting period be scrapped?

        1. Cú Chulainn

          It needs to be free as generally it’s an emergency situation. Folks with cash will always go private. The whole point is to make it as easy as possible. And why a 3 day wait.? When a woman needs a termination she needs a termination.

          1. Rob_G

            “It needs to be free as generally it’s an emergency situation”

            – is it though? Is there not a time frame of several weeks, even in the narrowest of periods being proposed? I don’t really see why the abortion of a person who earns €200k should be paid for from the taxes of people earning €35k…

  1. Cranky Pants

    In a non-medical emergency your “free abortion” means I’m paying for your “mistake”.

    You’re making me an accessory after the fact and without my consent.

      1. Cranky Pants

        Those who expect everybody else to provide free resources so they can indulge themselves without cost to themselves have no conception of the true value – or worth – of human life.

        1. millie st murderlark

          And that’s for you to decide way up there on your high horse is it? What qualifies you to decide if someone does or doesn’t value human life?

          It’s unlikely that you will ever know the feelings of those women who do elect to have an abortion – for whatever reason. And you may be certain that many of those women are fully cognizant of the value of human life.

          1. Cranky Pants

            Why should I pay for an abortion for someone I’ve never met?

            Why should I be involved in that in any way?

            I want no part of your “free abortion” nonsense.

            Take responsibility for your own actions. Stop playing the victim card.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Oh I’m sorry, did I imply that your involvement was wanted? It’s not, so at least we can agree on that.

            My taxes pay for plenty of things I wish they didn’t. There are plenty of things I’d rather see my money spent on. Another commission, anyone? No?

            No other medical procedure bears such scrutiny. Why should any medical procedure I undergo for any reason be any business of yours?

          3. Nigel

            For exactly the same reason you ‘pay’ for every other medical procedure provided by the public health system.

          4. Cranky Pants

            Outside of a medical emergency Abortion is not every other medical procedure; It is a procedure that purposefully terminates a human life.

            By making me pay for your abortion you’re making me complicit in a heinous act. Without my consent.

            Pay for your own abortions, It’s your problem, not mine.

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Well if it’s any help
            I felt tainted after reading your ignorant hateful bile,
            so swings and roundabouts

          6. Nigel

            No. Sorry. We just held a referendum and democratically agreed that you have to pay for everybody’s abortions.

          7. Cranky Pants

            Terminating human life – an act of “feelings”…

            Objecting to being forced to pay for the termination of human life – hateful bile…

            Is that how things work now?

            Pay for your own abortions: it’s the least you could do.

          8. Nigel

            No Cranky Pants you’re paying for all our abortions. We just debited your account for three abortions each. Then we’re going to go have good times until it;’s time to debit your account again. That;’s democracy Cranky Pants. Don’t worry. We’re going to send you cards that say ‘Thank You For Paying For Our Abortions.’ You paid for those too.

          9. Cranky Pants

            Lies, murder, theft…

            Such edgy choices you make in life.

            It’s a wonder no woman wants to breed with you.

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