22 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. SOQ

    Boris sez ditch backstop then trust them that there will be no hard border. Yes sure Boris, no problem. It’s not like there is a violent history or years of negotiations to get to this point like. And sure the DUP are lovely people too. Anything else you would like while we are at it?

    1. ReproButina

      Liars ask for trust, honest people earn it. The tea boy is a proven liar.

      Also, when a con artist asks to be trusted it is because the scam they are selling doesn’t sound convincing to them and they feel the need to give it an extra push. It’s a red flag.

  2. giggidygoo

    Gavin Duffy ‘I remortgaged my house to run for president’. Really? As yesterday, on RTE he said himself that ‘that’s not entirely true’. Did Aine Lawlor pick up on it and delve deeper.? Not on your FFG Nelly

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Notice the haven’t added the SF/IRA logo to her posters, are the afraid people won’t vote for the SF/IRA terrorist sympathiser ?

      1. Martco

        I wondered about that @MaryLou but I think with her it’s less that case & more about her own ego – she’s a fairly powerful person in her own right & I suspect she just wants to be seen as herself. not that I care who gets crowned queen of Ireland one way or the other you understand :)

    2. johnny

      Cian,FG can’t photoshop depending on Lowry a convicted fraud and criminal,when Fitzpatrick sits on the opposition benches over FG’s failures in housing,how hard is it to get a few houses built !
      How long can you distract people from FG’s complete and absolute failure in housing and dependance on a convicted criminal,who’s banned from serving as a company director for failure to pay his taxes, while receiving a state funded salary-photoshop that.
      (ps expected a little more class from you,very tacky, you should try stay out the gutter Cian,are they paying you in peanuts…)

  3. John Reen

    142 billion losses by the banks pretty grim and what’s grimmer is after the taxpayers bailed them out they get our 60odd billion plus are allowed to write of the 142 billion against future profits
    So banks will not be paying any taxes for at least 20 years

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