How To Make An Irish Quilt


Parts of the 796 square ‘Stitched With Love’ covering for the Tuam mass grave

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At the site of the mass grave at Tuam, County Galway at 1.30pm

Breeda, of the Tuam Survivors’ Network, writes:

We have together with representatives of the 300+ women who crafted the amazing #796 square ‘stitched with Love’ blanket, arranged a Healing Ceremony for the site to take place at 1.30pm.

Artist Barbara O’Meara of Dublin explored the idea of having many hands make light work of the 796 individual white square pieces, knitted and crotchet, to construct a covering for the Tuam site.

Families and survivors will take the blanket – which is now in four pieces representing the four provinces from where the women, mothers of the children came, and it will placed on the ground where the remains were discovered while a healing ceremony will follow…

Stitched With Love

Tuam Survivors’ Network


Events in TUam, County Galway tomorrow to mark Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day (Tuam Survivors’ Network)

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4 thoughts on “How To Make An Irish Quilt

  1. Raven

    The blanket is a beautiful tribute and the whole idea of a healing ceremony is very fitting. The pieces in the pictures above, show some seriously skilled work, well done to all concerned.

  2. Raven

    Is there a commemorative pin/broach available to buy yet? If not, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time, would be a great way to raise funds for costs of private detectives to trace the babies that were adopted or whatever other routes are used.

  3. Patricia

    Crochet or knitted white broach would be a lovely remberance and tribute to the mothers and tgeir children.

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