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System-wide bank issue sees delay in social welfare payments (RTÉ)

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11 thoughts on “Left High And Dry

      1. DeKloot

        Actually they started that years previously. What I mean is they’re the only Irish bank that continuously invested appropriately in its back end technology over the years. They led the introduction of the Laser card, same-day value on cheques and integrated branch technology years before their competition. Sounds quaint now, but the bank book was not that long ago in the scheme of things….

    1. Spud

      We’re great at it.
      Same reason so many of us never changed energy supplier and could be saving hundreds a year.

  1. Joe cool

    2nd time in two weeks. Our wages took 48 hours to go into the bank because of ulster bank last week and im with aib

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    literally any time there’s a big mistake like this it’s always Ulster bank. And the “we are monitoring the issue” is so unassuring. It’s basically saying they’re watching it happen. Doesn’t indicate any action being taken at all.

  3. Rebecca

    The lady in the bank said by 12pm noon but we should have payments in and transferrd payments ready, the lady in bank said transfer issues can be resolved at be ready by around 12 pm noon and be ready by 3pm maximum and Absoultley by 3pm . Horrible I’ve to wait longer than anticipation to head to college and have stuff to pay for me and my kids . I had to head to my employee’s gave me €30 to borrow as I called him to ask to do me for food before college today. I’m only working part time too when it’s not summer time as I’m doing a full time degree to make a life for my kids and me when I finish college until then I find it very insulting this payment delay as been waiting on this payment all month and thinking as we are part of EU we are sure to get a payment save and secure as per usual on first tuesday per month. Before anyone Wants to harras or judge I’m not an alcholic I stopped drinking alchohol and smoking . I had a White ex from south africa Who abused me I got away from him thankfully for me and mu children 3 years ago. I’m finnally Living the Irish Repulican dream which my ex tried to take away from me when I was only 17 and he forced me to have a baby and be in a relationship with him and was very threatning. This payment is huge for me every month and especially this month as I Payd for my kids school milk last month and stuff for my college also my yøunger son’s birthday is this month and I’m paying for his party but have to wait another sat for payments

  4. anne

    Is someone somewhere making a bit of interest holding onto people’s money? The banks can’t be this incompetent surely.

  5. Verbatim

    Should never have given up the cash, now we are a ‘cashless society’ we’ve handed over so much more power to the banks.

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