Meanwhile, In Brown Thomas




This morning.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Louis writes:

Seriously…. who exactly are Brown Thomas marketing their menswear section to? If I was to guess, Dublin’s finest ‘dealers’ with wads of cash!

This wouldn’t happen in Galleries Lafayette in Paris, or KaDeWe in Berlin….


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18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Brown Thomas

  1. dhaughton99

    I wonder if this is where all the corner boys from the flats complex beside James’s hospital are buying their Emporio Armani (EA7).

  2. missred

    That KaDeWe link you shared, I should not have given in to temptation and clicked on it, but I did and now I want every rip-off item they sell…..

  3. Mary Jane

    The same people who queue for Krispy Kreme’s at 11pm.

    Chat has now arrived in Ireland, 10 years late!

      1. Martco

        thanks Joan
        tensions are indeed rising
        if you haven’t seen it yet check out “Before Grenfell: a hidden history” on the bbc iplayer…explains historical gentrification & inequality issue of west end very nicely

  4. Sartorial Challenge

    I often thought that about Brown Thomas.
    Lots of ladies outfits for looking smart but the men’s options are Prince Charles and drug dealer and nothing in between.
    Massimo Dutti and a few others between Dawson St and Georges St have a better selection for life in the real world. Any fellas able to recommend places for smart casual for work?

  5. TheOtherGuy

    Indeed. What would a clothing emporium that had a turnover of €165m in 2016 and (pretax) profits of €4.9m know about fashion and what will sell?

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