Drac To The Drawing Board



‘Count’-ing down to the Bram Stoker Festival (October 26-29), Ireland’s only neck-chomping podcast delivers Dracula re-animated.

Host Liam Geraghty writes:

In episode 2 of FANGS, we chat to cultural historian David J. Skal about the Harry Clarke Dracula illustrations that could have been…

…Vampirina Ballerina author Anne Marie Pace talks about creating a vampire book when you’re a scaredy-cat and Disney director Norton Virgien talks about adapting that book into an animated series in Brown Bag Films, Smithfield…

…We’ll also be ducking into the history of the cult British animated series Count Duckula with curator Georgia Taylor Aguilar and illustrator Steve Simpson who worked on the show as well as chatting with illustrator Debbie Jenkinson about the upcoming Gothic Graphic Novel Live at Bram Stoker Festival…

We’re strangely drawn.

*removes dentures*

I’ll get my cape.

Bram Stoker Festival

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