Staying In Tomorrow?


Samantha Markle

On The Ray D’Arcy Show….

Via RTÉ:

Samantha Markle (Meghan Markle‘s half sister) joins Ray this week to talk about growing up with the Duchess of Sussex, how a rift has grown between them

Louise O’Neill will tell Ray about her excitement at seeing the stage adaptation of her novel Asking For It at the Abbey Theatre next month…

…And it’s been a great year for Dancing With The Stars winner Jake Carter, who joins Ray to talk about finding love with pro dancer Karen Byrne and his debut Dublin show in Vicar Street this month.

*stares at drinks cabinet*

The Ray D’Arcy Show, Saturday 9.55pm on RTÉ One.

5 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. anne

    Has Meghan Markle spoken to the father yet? Seems a bit cold that.

    The royals are a gas crowd altogether.. they got their wealth from pillaging & plundering & make a few bob nowadays from handouts from the public & basically public interest in them.. yet the immediate family member’s of Meghan Markle are accused of cashing on.

    She kinda cashed in herself like. If Harry was some ordinary ginger joe soap, I doubt she’d have given him the time of day.

    1. small ads

      Ah now. I see her as a kind of saviour of the poor drunken lad. As for the father, Jaysus, don’t draw him on yourself!

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