I Wish I Knew How To Quit You


Good Lord, man. This is undignified.

Will they?

Won’t they?

Only the internal polling You can decide.

24 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

  1. Ron

    Fianna Fail have finally finished digging the hole large enough to bury themselves for good. they are going to be wiped out at the upcoming GE.

    We just have to accept that there is a majority of idiots in the Irish electorate that favour the skum of FG. We just have to accept now that there will be impropriety with everything they do and we just have to accept that as an electorate we choose to be bent over by the Government in power as they rip apart the fabric of Irish society. The Irish electorate give them their authority to do this to us. Only the Irish electorate can stop all this and until the electorate finally have enough we just have to accept the incompetence, the inflated salaries and pensions, the corruption and sleaze that usually accompanies most of the decisions this Government takes against the people they are supposed to serve.

    Accept it and move on and just get used to it as the new politics of Ireland.

    And if your young, get out while you can. This country is a basket case.

    Our only glimmer of hope is that the washed out grey haired elderly people who think they know best in this country will eventually be killed by the 3rd world health service they so adamantly support.

    Get used to it. Sleaze and corruption is the way this country does things and not enough peope care to stop it

      1. Ron

        For once I will agree with you Cian. The Irish electorate are ultimately responsible for this whole mess of a country. Unfortunately a majority of idiots democratically elect other idiots. I don’t like it but I accept it as the democratic will of the idiots

        1. Yep

          The Irish electorate vote for a party because of their proposed policies. You’re blaming the electorate for broken promises from politicians.

          Your idea that the sooner the elderly die the better doesn’t make you morally superior. Opposite actually. You’re talking about fellow citizens who may not be as media savvy as you clearly are.

          Also, I suggest you do some research into who votes for who. Pure fallacy to think these parties are only elected on the backs of people who remember the Emergency.

          Show some respect. It will do you good.

          1. Yep

            Please, point out where you disagree. I love a zinger but I’m genuinely curious as to where I am wrong.

            Sure I often hope all those homeless types die. That’s the homeless problem wrapped up. Right?

          2. Ron

            Im sure there are many in Fine Gael that wish all the homeless people would die too. it seems your in good company

    1. ivan

      you might well be right but for as long as there is maggot acting next door with Brexit, maybe it’d be better if our politicians (however useless they are) keeping their eye on that ball than fupping around with leaflets and posters.

      1. Ron

        @Ivan.. It’s not a matter of them keeping an eye on that ball. Incompetence breeds more incompetence. They don’t have the ability or skill to guide our country successfully through whatever happens with Brexit. We just have to accept now that they will continue to make a royal turd of the brexit situation and we just have to accept that all their decisions will be taken not based on what’s the best outcome for the Irish electorate, but rather what the other incompetent sleaze bags in Europe tell them what to do. No point in getting annoyed about it now. This is what happens when you appoint Taxi drivers who cant read or write to Ministerial positions with zero experience and zero proven capability. I mean let’s be honest, we have no entitlement to be angry about this when we are the authors of our own downfall

        1. Cian

          Ron, what is your point?
          An election prior to Brexit will not magically improve our TDs. It may be a different set of ‘taxi drivers’ in cabinet. But they will have the same options open to them as the current ones – we are part of the EU and the UK is leaving the EU – not just Ireland.

          What other options are there?
          A monarchy?
          A dictatorship? are you volunteering to be el president?

          Or do you think

          1. Ron

            My only point is that we have to accept that all decisions regarding Brexit will be taken not on the basis of what’s best for Irish citizens. They think they are doing a great job. They are not. They are out of their depth and they never had the competence to navigate us through Brexit. I’m not calling for any election. I’m just saying we have to accept that because we elect idiots we have to l live with the consequences of their idiotic decisions.

      1. Ron

        yes a lot of people will vote for SF at the upcoming GE. A lot more then people like to think. The Social Democrats and SF will see the most gains of all

        1. Rob_G

          The SDs are a very small party whose policies appeal to very few people outside of their (small) Dublin base. Outside of Broadsheet, they are a quite a marginal force in Irish politics, particularly now that Donnelly is gone.

  2. hapfff

    interesting to see that Daniel ‘completely destroyed by the Charleton Report’ McConnell still has a job

  3. anne

    I had to laugh at Micheal’s interview on the Late Late.

    When asked about the Irish electorate remembering the ecomonic crash of recent times & FF being at the helm & contributing to it , Michael said ah no people forget, it was ages ago and they’re moving forward now..into a bright new future with FF and himself.

    When asked about Sinn Fein, it’s ah no people never forget what happened 30 year ago.. & the old blood are still there regardless of all the new blood.

    1. Rob_G

      There is a big difference between mismanaging the economy through plain incompetence, and (for example) burning people to death in a restaurant, murdering Gardaí, or forcing someone to be a suicide bomber.

      In fairness.

      1. Cian

        But FF “mishandling the economy” directly affects the majority of people in the 26 counties.
        The troubles is a distant memory for most of us, and isn’t directly felt by the majority. Most people in the country weren’t born or were still in school when the good friday agreement was signed.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    As Sir Alex said – “Squeaky Bum Time”. They are so scared to face the electorate that it would be fun, if they weren’t in a position to thwart the electorate, yet again.

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