Celebrations two years ago as Galway was declared European Capital of Culture 2020.

The Impresario

His off-white trilby is a confidence trick
to fool the undergarments off
High Court judges’
problem daughters,
though of late it’s stopped conning
anyone except himself.

The glassless brass monocle
he carries about
an opposite eye each day
is as unpretentious
as the collected abstract nouns
of Michael D. Higgins.

His latest round of Irish coffees
is an advance to himself
from the year after next,
which the Arts Council have decided
to know nothing about.

His management skills
are a chair that collapsed
under one of the Sawdoctors,
or was it Mary Coughlan,
being laughed off in a pub
that wouldn’t survive
without its annual subvention
from the Deportment of Kulture.

His eye for publicity
is Kanye West in conversation
with Cathal O’Sharkey.

His sense of himself
is a pair of black shoes,
exquisitely scuffed
and three sizes too big for him.

His man parts are
three historic buildings
next door to each other,
which the City Council
have agreed to pay to have restored
to something like their alleged former glory,
though the start date for this much needed
work has already been put back
several times, and insiders predict
the cost will soar
far above even
the increased budget agreed
at last night’s gathering of the glad hands

Kevin Higgins


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