‘The Process Is Absolutely Flawed’



On RTÉ’s The Week In Politics.

Following the resignation of Communications Minister Denis Naughten, after it emerged he had met with the lead bidder for the National Broadband Plan contract David McCourt numerous times…

And the setting up of an “independent review” of the process to date to be overseen by the new Communications Minister Richard Bruton…

Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy criticised the tendering process for the plan as “absolutely flawed”.


Sean Canney, who is to be the new Junior Communications minister, told RTÉ that there was a lot of “loose talk” about the process, everyone should wait for Mr Bruton’s review to be completed, and said he believes it’s “not dead” yet.

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11 thoughts on “‘The Process Is Absolutely Flawed’

  1. Kolmo

    I’d say were close to 15 years behind Denmark and Korea now with the getting this vital modern infrastructure organised, both similar sized countries to ourselves – an evening of intoxication in a beer producing facility comes to mind.
    Had the State just expended the requisite funds to do the job – it would have paid for itself by now, tenfold – but zealots of the private market ‘solutions’ (read – lining up of fortunately placed associates) retarded the development of this infrastructure rest of Ireland. We are not the worst country in the world by any stretch, but we could be better, and a bit less greasy.

    1. Cian

      what are you talking about? Have you been on the beer?

      Denmark and Korea are not comparable to Ireland.

      Ireland (26 counties) – Area: 70,273km^2 Population: 4,857,000 = 69 p/km^2
      Denmark – Area: 42,933km^2 Population: 5,785,864 = 135 p/km^2
      Korea (South) – Area: 100,363km^2 Population: 51,446,201 = 513 p/km^2

      1. LeopoldGloom

        Korea also has as an offshore neighbour one of the most technically advanced nations in the world. China not far off, and a heavy American presence.

        Denmark has Germany clinging to it’s underside, and is a nice forward thinking nation with good off shore neighbours in Norway, Sweden etc.

        We are a rocky outcrop, divided into 2 that has a history of poor planning, and cronyism.

        That said, you can get a super good 4g connection in the middle of absolutely nowhere in S. Korea. the only place you can’t get it is on the DMZ

        1. Kolmo

          I gladly concede the points made – but jaysus we’re fairly well behind other developed nations, so much flutin’ about about, profit is alway the primary motive, never seems to be the common good, tribunal layers are the only winners……and yes, I was tipping away at the breakfast brandy.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      we don’t deserve Sean Canney either

      of course this tender is flawed
      in fact it is a write off

      Review my rhymes with farce

    2. Joe Small

      Its remarkable that, in spite of the collapse of Labour, the Social Democrats are only polling at 1% and have 2 TDs with little prospect of any more. I know its hard for small parties in Ireland but the decline of labour and the recession were perfect conditions for the rise a sensible centre-left party people could support.

      1. Panty Christ

        A two person party that hovers at 2% and retains credibility ain’t that bad. Imagine being a backbencher in a big party and being absolutely voiceless.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    i have a deep dislike for the host of that show. she seems extremely partisan, which is odd for a host. she has the demeanor of a nasty school teacher giving out constantly, and in that derogatory way that teachers do. she’d ask a question, and if the answer isn’t in line with her political ties, she goes “yea yea yea” in such a ‘whatever’ manner, and then flits off to another question. she seemed positively fuming that people wouldn’t apologise to Fitzgerald.

    1. realPolithicks

      sean O’rourke, bryan dobson etc they’re all the same…their bias shows through in everything they do.

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