15 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Eoin Morgan is right up there as one of Ireland most successful sporting greats.
    Compare and contrast with the embarrassment of the Irish soccer team this week.
    He’s polite,intelligent,self-deprecating and a massive hit with cricket fans wherever he plies his trade around the world,be it in the IPL,Big Bash or as England ODI skipper.
    It’s just a shame he doesn’t get the same recognition back home that the third-rate,journeymen soccer players have.

  2. I am a mole

    Illness benefit fiasco.No news yet of the millions being written off due to double payments that cannot be recovered.Civil servants being dragged on a days notice into store street to try and remedy this disaster.

    1. Murtles

      That news article is referring to the Dept of Work and Pensions in the UK. Our system is in a hape but not £1.2 billion pounds of a hape.

  3. SOQ

    The Torygraph says May offers extension. May accepts extension is the truth of course but never let the truth get in the way of a good spin. Ball firmly in the Brexiteers court now. Will they manage the 40 needed to table a motion of no confidence? Time will tell.

    1. ReproButina

      May knows the game is up. There’s no way to fit the square peg of the border into the round hole of Sasamach. That’s why she’s courting Labour MPs for support to counter the hardline clowns in her own party.

      1. SOQ

        Labour, even if they wanted to, can’t help her because the vote will be only within the Conservative party.

        1. ReproButina

          NI will stay in the customs union. The border will be in the Irish Sea but portrayed as something lesser. There’s already acceptance that some checks take place between the island of Ireland and GB so they’ll probably play it as a bigger version of that.

          That’ll be the case until they agree a trade deal which will remove the need for customs checks between the EU and UK.

          The alternative is No Deal which will cripple the UK, despite what the cheerleaders claim.

    2. Ollie Cromwell

      It requires 48 not 40 Tory MPs to write letters of No Confidence to the head of the 1922 Committee to spark a leadership contest.
      And they don’t table a motion.
      Your ignorance of matters you pass judgement on

  4. rotide

    Can’t believe noone has commented on how succesful Casey’s obvious traveller gambit has been. He’s gone from last place on the polls to being all over the newspapers this morning.

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