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        1. johnny

          Pat-its 2018 you probably didn’t get the memo or are too thick and ignorant to understand it, but thats just wrong Pat.
          Would you like me to explain why?

          1. postmanpat

            The 2018 obesity epidemic? memo? soft gluttonous overweight politicians? what’s to get? :plus they are the Ra, if you want to talk about just wrong? move your outrage to something worthwhile. I made a dig a morally reprehensible people. get over it.

          2. Johnny

            One the most morally reprehensible people on here is you Pat,your hopeless,a waste of time,an ignorant,semi-literate,fool.You really can’t understand after the way Ireland has treated its women for ages,how disgusting your fat shaming comment directed at 3 amazing women is?

          3. postmanpat

            I remember how the Sinn Fein treated women. Killing women and children .. Disappeared a mother for helping an injured soldier and never revealed where the body was and her kids were broken up into different homes. Real nice people.

    1. millie st murderlark

      I totally agree. If Liadh, as president, is to be above party politics then I can’t see this being the wisest move. Fair enough, she’s a Sinn Fein candidate, but I can imagine this being rather jarrring for some.

      1. Cian

        it’s quite a smart move.
        ✓ No overt Sinn Fein branding (to frighten the horses/children)
        ✓ however there is subtle SF branding for those that want it/ask for it (i.e. the faces)
        ✓ and it’s pushing the whole ‘Mna na h-Éireann’ vibe.

        1. millie st murderlark

          I can’t help but see Mary Lou and think it very loudly proclaims SF.

          And I don’t have a huge problem with SF as a party though I can certainly understand why there are those who do.

          I thought Liadh was very good last night too, in fairness to her.

  1. Boj

    I’m seeing this as Sinn Fein utilising the whole ‘women in politics’ thing.
    They really shouldn’t be on it.

    1. Stan

      SF come very close to gender equality in terms of elected reps in NI (44% female I think?) – they have a female leader and deputy leader. This shouldn’t be exceptional, but, in a polity that is still woefully behind the times in this regard, it is. So why shouldn’t they use it?
      Up against three men in suits with half a brain between them – actually, I think SG has all of the feeble allocation – I think they’ve a perfect right to point out the obvious.

      1. Boj

        “So why shouldn’t they use it?”
        Because neither of them are running for president….personally I think it is THAT simple!

      2. postmanpat

        What does gender equality matter to a organization that follows orders from a bunch of murdering men in balaclavas?

        1. johnny

          Did you or your parents pay towards your education,if they or you did, your absolutely entitled to a refund.Simply bring the paragraph below as proof of your ignorance,any educator will refund you and most likely apologize for their failings.

          1. johnny

            Rob-your bias is clear we got it, you can’t move on or forwards, your loss.You want live in a past full of hatred and bitterness,enjoy.The rest of the country is moving on, you will be left behind with a few other bigots,you and “Pat” on here I’m certain have lots in common:)

          2. Rob_G

            Part of ‘moving on’ is accepting that some things are wrong – murdering children, forced suicide bombings, that type of thing – and to categorically acknowledge that these actions were wrong, and unjustifiable.

            When interviewed by Hot Press, she said that she was “uncomfortable with the use of the word terrorism” to describe the actions of the IRA. Anyone who makes such mealy-mouthed excuses for a terror campaign that murdered members of An Gardaí Síochána is not fit to be president.

          3. johnny

            Rob,your appropirating dead women from a war to score cheap political points, you don’t give a flying fook about any the victims on either side.So spare me the moral grandstanding while evoking dead women for your own ends.

          4. Rob_G

            A ‘war’ – yes, all those lads robbing banks, smuggling diesel and extorting drug dealers were noble soldiers engaged in a war, alright…

          5. Johnny

            Have you moved on from abusing dead women now Rob,even for you that was craven.So now your the self appointed spokesman for herion dealers,Rob the IRA announced and have maintained a ceasefire since 1994-that’s over 25 years ago !
            It may surprise you but lots scumbags,misappropriate the name of the “IRA” to further their criminal activities,in the same way you violated the victims rights,by abusing the memory of dead women,most off whom have families,try stay classy.

          6. Rob_G

            It’s funny how, even though there has been a ceasefire since 1994, the IRA were still robbing banks, taking money from drug dealers and murdering people who objected, and beating young lads to death in cowshed in 2004, <a href="https://www.irishtimes.com/news/man-convicted-of-dublin-pub-murder-in-2005-1.787801"2005, and 2007, respectively.

            Oh of course – the people who did these bad things were in the “IRA” that did all those bad things, different to the IRA that did all those good things that you agree with – that’s handy, alright.

    2. postmanpat

      Its a roving pre-general election ad , outside of general election canvasing rules. But if the government stop it , it will be seen as anti Sinn Fein bias, Even though they are the only ones breaking the rules. The Ra don’t expect to win, its the Ra after all, but they can use the Presidential campaign to score some points with certain demographics. Its the same with the anti- traveler fella . he’s burnt his bridges getting the presidency , but sure that was never the point. He’s just using the campaign to get exposure and get the xenophobic hate vote from nasty codgery boomers next real political election time, it very well might work to, given what we have seen with the man in the white house and the rise of scumbag rightwingers in Europe.

      1. Cian

        I don’t think the election canvassing rules prevent any politician/party from this sort of thing.
        You can pay for billboard at any time and promote yourself/your party.
        You can cover a bus with images.

        As far as I’m aware the canvasing rules are related to putting posters on lamp-posts…. and even this is regularly flouted by TDs/councillors publicising local events (in tiny writing) on a poster with their name/picture writ large.

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Looks like Michelle & Mary Lou are dressing as Shinninjas for Halloween.
    Very unfortunate positioning of the the bus-wheel though.. they appear like an expectant modern couple.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    No sign of Liadh’s picture on her own battle bus? I suppose it shows the party’s real interest in this election

  4. Cian

    I’m wondering why she is driving a foreign bus around the country.

    The last time we had a UK-registered vehicle (that was used by people known for their balaclava-fetish) on broadsheet everyone went mental.

    1. johnny

      Cian can you try to treat her with a little respect,your own party could not even muster a candidate.She’s not this or any bus driver.

      1. Cian

        really? that’s the best you can come up with? “she’s not a bus driver”;

        Do you honestly think that I was implying she was actually driving the bus? Do you honestly think anyone would read my comment and think she was the bus driver?

        Let me re-phrase to avoid any confusion:

        I’m wondering why she is driving Liadh Ní Riada’s presidential campaign is using a foreign bus to get around the country.

        The last time we had a UK-registered vehicle (that was used by people known for their balaclava-fetish) on broadsheet everyone went mental.

        1. Johnny

          yeah whatever,what’s with you and the bus?
          its the second time you’ve asked the same question:)

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