This morning/afternoon.

Presidential hopeful Joan Freeman with her husband Pat, at his Post Office (Freeman’s Grocery & Bluebell Post Office), in Inchicore, Dublin 8.



This afternoon.

Presidential hopeful and former ‘Pirate Jock’ Gavin Duffy with his wife Orlaith Carmody as they visit the Irish Pirate Radio Exhibition in DCU [Dublin City University] Library.

Leah Farrell/

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5 thoughts on “Postal Votes

  1. Mole

    Did Liam Duffy ever officially change his name to Gavin Duffy by deed poll and, if not, should we not be referring to his birth name Liam or by his moniker, Toad of Toad Hall (fast cars, fox hunting, dozing off and needing a chauffeur in the evenings)? #BeepBeepYea

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